Lot 2167

The White Collection

1940 Ford Half-Ton Pickup Custom


$128,800 USD | Sold

United States | Houston, Texas



Chassis No.
US Title
  • Built by noted Porsche restorer Tim Goodrich as his personal vehicle, with exquisite details throughout
  • Acquired directly from Goodrich by the White Collection in 2016
  • 5.0-liter Chevrolet V-8 with Tuned Port Injection; automatic transmission
  • Fitted with modern conveniences including power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and cruise control
  • The final vehicle built by Goodrich; a fitting tribute to a master craftsman

It is always interesting to learn what a highly regarded automotive restorer tinkers with in his own garage. For those who knew the late Tim Goodrich for his authentic, award-winning Porsche restorations, it may come as a surprise that his personal, after-hours projects included this customized 1940 Ford Half-Ton Pickup Truck. A close inspection of this breathtaking truck, however, reveals Porsche-inspired touches throughout, along with Goodrich’s characteristic excellent workmanship and seemingly endless attention to detail.

As shown in photos on file, the starting point for this custom build was a very weathered truck, which was painstakingly rebuilt on a newly fabricated chassis. A more modern 5.0-liter Chevrolet V-8 with Tuned Port Injection replaced the original Ford motor; this is backed by an automatic transmission with a vintage-look floor shifter, and it exhales through a dual exhaust. Further modern conveniences include power steering and brakes, Vintage Air air conditioning, and cruise control.

The exterior is painted in a custom shade reminiscent of Auratium Green, a color used on Porsche 356s, and the tailgate incorporates an ingenious custom brake light that is cut out of the stamped “Ford” script. The truck has been moderately lowered all around, with a mild rake for a sleek stance, but this is contrasted with cream-painted steel wheels with 1940 Ford hubcaps and trim rings that provide a distinctly stock look.

The light green exterior color is carried to the interior, and it pairs strikingly with the dark brown upholstery and light brown Porsche square-weave carpeting. Great pains have been taken to maintain a clean, minimal look, including concealing the heating/air conditioning vents beneath the dashboard. Behind the 1940 Ford steering wheel is a modern VDO gauge cluster, which is tucked neatly into the original Ford dash opening.

The White Collection’s owner had a lengthy friendship with Goodrich, and the seemingly out-of-place cars in the otherwise Porsche-focused fleet—including this Ford, which is said to be the last vehicle Goodrich completed before his passing in 2018—make perfect sense once one realizes they are automotive tributes to a departed friend. Acquired directly from Goodrich by the White Collection in 2016, this truck has been little-used since its restoration, and it presents in as-completed condition today.

This is a very tasteful, beautifully executed custom Ford; with the hood closed, at least, it looks nearly period-correct at a casual glance. Yet the build rewards closer inspection thanks to the many wonderful details incorporated throughout, as well as the brilliant, cohesive overall design—both hallmarks of a master craftsman exercising the skills he perfected over an illustrious career.