Lot 2166

The White Collection

1932 Ford Model 18 Two-Door Coupe Custom


$47,600 USD | Sold

United States | Houston, Texas



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  • A beautiful “Deuce Coupe” hotrod in the classic Highboy style
  • Built by noted Porsche restorer Tim Goodrich, with incredible attention to detail and artful fabrication throughout
  • Supercharged small-block Chevrolet V-8 with dual four-barrel Holley carburetors; automatic transmission with quick-change rear end
  • Features polished Halibrand knock-off wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, shaved door handles with poppers, and a hideaway entertainment system
  • Accompanied by photos documenting the execution of this unique and high-quality build

Every hotrod starts with a vision in the mind of its owner—a straightforward mental sketch that forms the basis of the entire project. In the case of this unique 1932 Ford, the original design brief was deceptively simple. Its owner, in correspondence with renowned Porsche restorer Tim Goodrich, spelled it out in a late-2005 email: “Basically what I am trying to do is build a coupe the way someone built it in the late 60’s.”

What followed was a years-long collaborative effort between Goodrich and the Ford’s owner in a no-expense-spared pursuit of the ultimate “Deuce Coupe.” Although some elements proposed at the outset, like the 427 Chevrolet motor, wheelie bars, and “white flames that fade into yellow” did not make the final cut, the finished car hews remarkably closely to the original vision.

Power comes from a Chevrolet small-block V-8 with Air Flow Research heads breathing through a polished Blower Drive Service 6-71 supercharger, which is fed by dual Holley four-barrel carburetors crowned with velocity stacks that rise above the hood. This impressive mill is mated to an automatic transmission, with a quick-change rear end at the back. Polished Halibrand knock-off wheels sit at all four corners, with disc brakes behind each. The exterior is finished in a gorgeous medium blue metallic, with chromed and polished suspension components and brightwork providing an element of reserved contrast. The interior is, just as the owner originally intended, predominantly white leather (with the well-chosen addition of blue accents) with blue carpets and a blue dashboard.

Numerous photos on file document the evolution of styling elements, like the simple dashboard; Classic Instruments gauges and a glovebox keep the look minimalistic, with a touchscreen for the entertainment system hidden away beneath the dash. In a traditional custom-car touch, the door handles are shaved. The remote door poppers are incorporated into a “tg” badge, Goodrich’s playful take on the shield-shaped Porsche emblem, located low on the car’s cowl. Clearly, this was an opportunity for Goodrich, who was widely known for his work on Porsches, to flex his creativity on an all-American project.

Acquired by the White Collection in 2014, this over-the-top Ford presents beautifully, with fewer than 1,464 miles traveled since the completion of the build at the time of cataloguing. Combining the basic proportions and stance of a 1960s-era Highboy-style Deuce Coupe with more than a few cleverly integrated modern touches and impeccable build quality, this Ford truly is a stunning creation—a hotrod that would be well-worth a second glance, even if it were not for its connection to the late Tim Goodrich.