Lot 141


1989 Porsche 911 Speedster


$368,000 USD | Sold

United States | Miami Beach, Florida



Chassis No.
Canadian Registration
  • Superb example of Porsche’s instant classic for 1989
  • Showing under 100 miles at time of cataloguing
  • One of just 2,056 examples of the one-year-only Speedster
  • Powered by a 3.2-liter air-cooled flat six-cylinder engine
  • Presented in stunning triple-black color scheme
  • Accompanied by recent service records from Mark Motors Porsche of Ottawa, Canada

Some cars become collectible the moment they roll off the showroom floor; the one-year-only 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster is one of those cars. With the collector-car world experiencing astronomical highs in the late 1980s, Porsche executives saw an opportunity to capitalize on the white-hot market, in the final year for the long-running second generation of the 911.

While the name “Speedster” had already been applied to more than a few early racers from the Ford Model T era, it was Porsche that arguably cemented it in the public mind. The nimble and spartan rear-engined 356 quickly made a name for itself in 1950s pop culture, and soon it became a dominant player in amateur sports car racing. Today, the 356 Speedster remains highly coveted, and the modern versions are equally desirable.

Porsche knew that in reviving the legendary Speedster name they were setting a standard reserved only for their purest sports machines. Based upon the G-series Carrera Cabriolet, the Speedster was powered by its sibling’s 3.2-liter air-cooled flat six-cylinder engine good for 231 horsepower and 195 pounds-feet of torque. Power was transferred to the road via a five-speed Getrag G50 transaxle, while ventilated, cross-drilled disc brakes with alloy calipers at all four corners brought the machine to a halt.

Enveloping the performance chassis was a design worthy of its elegant ancestor. Chief Designer Anatole Lapin massaged a previous design he created for Porsche’s head of research and development, Helmuth Bott. Based on the wider body of the 930 Turbo but without the “whale tail” spoiler, Lapine’s work featured an evocative twin-hump fiberglass tonneau that covered the folded top and precluded rear seats, as well as an aluminum-framed windshield three inches lower and raked five degrees more than its Cabriolet sibling. The “camel hump” tonneau concealed a bare-bones manual convertible top which, in keeping with the Speedster essence, Porsche described as being only for “temporary” use.

Although initially conceived to be the low production, fair-weather car its ancestor was, the 3.2 Speedster ended up costing more than its Cabriolet sibling ($65,480 versus $59,200) while also being significantly less luxurious. Nevertheless, buyers clamored to own one, with most of the 2,065 examples immediately vanishing into private collections.

With 1989 being the final year for the G-series 911 and its 3.2-liter engine, the Speedsters built between January and August of 1989 were fitting send-off as the final iteration of the beloved series. It is believed that about 823 were sent to the North American market.

This stunning triple-black Porsche Speedster is offered in near time-capsule condition, showing under 50 miles at the time of cataloguing. Ordered new through Porsche Audi of Downtown Los Angeles on 12 January 1989, the car was well equipped with sport seats, air conditioning, cruise control, and a limited-slip differential, adding over $5,738 to the $65,480 base price. After taking delivery, the first owner immediately put the car in careful storage as evidenced by the two-digit odometer reading. This Speedster is accompanied by an assortment of factory paperwork including the warranty card, original title, purchase order, and even the paper footwell protectors used when the car first arrived in Los Angeles. A collection of ownership manuals, all in their correct leather wallets, is included as well.

The car was acquired by the current owner, Mark Motors Porsche of Ottawa, with a reported 29 miles on the odometer. Under their care, the car was extensively serviced to bring it back up to fully functioning condition after its years-long slumber. This work included changing the fluids and fuel filter, flushing the gas and brake lines, converting the air-conditioning system to modern refrigerant, and inspecting for anything that may have deteriorated during its years in storage. The car now shows just 60 miles at time of cataloguing. Invoices confirming the work are included with the sale.

This remarkable and rarely-driven 911 Speedster presents as exciting an ownership proposition today as it did in 1989—perhaps more so to diehard enthusiasts of air-cooled Porsches. Its stunningly low mileage, factory options, and striking triple-black color scheme all add to the inherent desirability, making it a truly rare and extremely appealing opportunity for marque enthusiasts to own one of the most sought-after G-series Porsche of all time.