Lot 129

Monaco 2022

1990 iC Modulo M89

The Nigel Mansell Collection


€21,275 EUR | Sold

Monaco | Monte Carlo, Monaco



Chassis No.
IC M89 001
Engine No.
753EA 0188
Bill of Sale Only
  • Gifted to Nigel Mansell by Carlo Lamattina after qualifying at the 1992 Italian Grand Prix
  • The odometer displays just 3,185 km at the time of cataloguing
  • The first Modulo produced as chassis “001” and previously owned by its designer, Lamattina
  • Powered by a BMW K75S motorcycle engine
  • Part of The Nigel Mansell Collection for nearly 30 years
  • Presented with a letter from Lamattina, period brochure, photographs of Mansell with the car at Monza, and vinyl pouch

The Modulo was conceived by its designer Carlo Lamattina as an attempt to shift the general consensus that three-wheel vehicles were unfashionable, modest and not exciting to drive. To counter this, Lamattina desired to create a three-wheeler with the performance of a 2.0-litre car, the economy of a motorbike and the driving experience of a low-slung performance vehicle. He realised this goal in 1988, when his company, iC (Italian Cars), put the Modulo into production and began taking orders.

The first generation of the Modulo was powered by a 750 cc BMW K75S engine and paired with a BMW five-speed manual gearbox. Housing the BMW drivetrain was a box-type welded steel chassis, on top of which sat the advanced carbon fibre and Kevlar-reinforced polyester body. Stopping power was provided by disc brakes on each wheel and featured a dual hydraulic circuit. The Modulo was equipped with independent front suspension and shock absorbers. Like many of its three-wheeled counterparts, the steering set-up was conventional, featuring a steering wheel connected to a rack-and-pinion steering system.

A direct result of the weight-conscious engineering was that the Modulo weighed a meagre 390 kilograms. Coupled with the 74 horsepower engine, it was capable of reaching 200 km/h. However, performance wasn’t the only attribute of this vehicle; due to its lightweight frame, it was reportedly capable of a range of 560 km from its 28-litre fuel tank. With its distinctive bodywork, the Modulo could be specified as a single-seater or as a twin-seater, with the passenger in tandem behind the driver.

Nigel Mansell acquired this 1990 Modulo M89 in a manner as unique as the vehicle itself. After qualifying at the 1992 Italian Grand Prix, Mansell was presented with this Modulo by its designer, Carlo Lamattina. Photographs on file show the pair pictured together at Monza, and Mansell in the Modulo. A letter on file from Lamattina confirms the Modulo delivered to Mansell was the one he drove at Monza, that it originally belonged to Lamattina, and is chassis 001—the first example produced.

This Modulo was delivered to Mansell in November 1993 and it later entered his personal collection in Jersey, remaining in his care since. Chassis 001 has covered a mere 3,185 km and presents a wonderful opportunity to acquire an extremely rare three-wheeled vehicle with coveted ownership history, while it will require mechanical inspection and recomissioning having been on static display for a number of years. To be enjoyed on the road, on the track or as part of history, interested parties are encouraged to check that their driving licence qualifies them to take control of this three-wheeler on public highways prior to bidding.