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Monaco 2022

1989 Isdera Spyder 036i


€325,000 - €375,000 EUR | Not Sold

Monaco | Monte Carlo, Monaco



Chassis No.
Cancelled German Fahrzeugbrief
  • Modified by Isdera to wide-body specification, and fitted with a 276 horsepower 3.6-litre AMG engine
  • Believed to be one of no more than 14 Spyders built by Isdera
  • Displayed by Isdera at the 1989 Geneva Motor Show
  • Finished in black, with metallic grey highlights and a reupholstered blue leather interior
  • Offered with a letter from Isdera detailing the conversion, a digital history file with photographs, and a spare wheel

Isdera was founded in 1982 by the automotive designer, Eberhard Schulz, whose career had begun at Porsche having initially impressed with his hand-built prototype version of the Erator GTE. While working for Porsche, Schulz continued to develop his own second concept car in his spare time, envisaged to mimic the design of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. In the early-1970s, Schulz departed Porsche and joined forces with the tuner, Rainer Buchmann, to form B&B GmbH & Co Auto KG, where the pair pioneered development of the attractive CW311. To generate publicity, the legendary Mercedes-Benz “three-pointed star” was fitted to the grille of the car.

In 1982, Schulz parted ways with B&B to create Isdera, focusing on small-scale production vehicles, design and engineering services. The manufacturer unveiled the company’s first production model, the Isdera Spyder 033i, later that year. An exotic and advanced vehicle that was hand-built to order, it was powered by a 1.8-litre four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine. For 1985, Isdera launched the Spyder 033-16, equipped with a more powerful 2.3-litre four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine. Two years later, the final iteration of the Spyder was unveiled at the 1987 Geneva Motor Show. Named the Spyder 036i, it was powered by a 3.0-litre inline-six Mercedes-Benz powerplant, producing 217 horsepower. Across the three generations, it is believed no more than 14 Spyders were manufactured—likely due to the 12 months it took to build each car by hand.

This Isdera Spyder 036i left the factory on 28 March 1989, finished in Black with a Violet leather interior and was delivered to its first owner, Mr. Keller, in Munich, Germany. This car is believed to be the second production 036i, and it is pictured on display at the 1989 Geneva Motor Show. While little is known about the early history of this example, the car is understood have spent the majority of its life in Germany and is thought to have traded around 2006.

Under the care of its previous owner, this Spider 036i has undergone a unique transformation at the hands of Isdera. On 14 July 2011, this example entered Isdera’s factory in Hildesheim, Germany. The exterior of the vehicle was modified, with the front and rear wings flared and then finished in metallic silver. This allowed for the next modification, which was the installation of larger 16-inch alloy wheels, wrapped in Toyo Proxes tyres. Inside the cabin, the Violet interior was stripped out and reupholstered in blue leather, while Recaro Sportster seats were installed and the door cards trimmed in dark blue. It was at the rear of the car where Isdera made the most significant and captivating modification. The old 3.0-litre Mercedes-Benz straight-six was removed, and a 276 horsepower 3.6-litre engine from AMG took its place, representing a 27 per cent increase in power. Following the conversion, this Spyder 036i has been displayed at various Isdera shows and events. Presented with the car is a digital history file containing photographs, a letter from Isdera listing the work carried out, and a spare wheel.

This 1989 Isdera Spyder 036i presents a truly unique opportunity to acquire a one-of-one 1980s boutique sports car. With its factory-converted wide-body and powerful AMG engine, it is sure to put a smile on the face of any sports car enthusiast.