Lot 345

Hershey 2022

1905 Cadillac Model E Runabout


$72,600 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • A concours-quality jewel of the Brass Era
  • Previously restored to the highest standards by RM Auto Restoration
  • Finished in traditional dark green with yellow striping

In 1904, Cadillac launched its new Model D, featuring the now conventional automotive layout with a front-mounted, 30-horsepower, four-cylinder engine on a 100-inch-wheelbase chassis. Despite this novel offering, demand for Cadillac’s original single-cylinder models continued. To keep up with the times, the single-cylinder Model E, a two-passenger runabout, and Model F, offered as a four-passenger tourer or delivery vehicle, adopted an “engine hood” in the style of the latest front-engine cars, even though the actual engine was still under the seat, just as it had been since the single-cylinder Cadillac made its debut in 1905.

Cute as a button, the brass-trimmed Model E enjoyed sprightly performance. “The Power of a Cadillac Never Diminishes,” one advertisement claimed. “Even after a year’s service, it is not unusual for a Cadillac motor, when given the proper care, to develop 20 percent more power than originally rated. Ample reserve energy enables the Cadillac to go anywhere.”

The Model E Runabout offered here was acquired by the present owner in 2013. The previous owner had acquired it from the collection of well-known brass car enthusiast Les Schuchardt in South Dakota. Mr. Schuchardt had completed a great deal of the car’s restoration, including an exacting recreation of the original “beetleback” wooden coachwork, as well as a mechanical rebuild. Upon acquiring it, the subsequent owner then commissioned RM Auto Restoration to complete the restoration, which involved disassembling it, adding show-quality brass, and carefully painting all components to a concours level in a traditional dark green, striped in yellow. Though a top was not standard equipment, the car was fitted with the correct brackets and accessories to install one, should the new owner desire. The car also features correct headlamps and a steering column-mounted bulb horn.

Lovingly looked after and maintained to the very highest of standards, this Model E Runabout is surely among the best single-cylinder Cadillacs to resurface at auction.