Lot 346

Hershey 2022

1914 Haynes Model 27 Touring


$90,000 - $110,000 USD | Not Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
US Title
  • One of two Haynes Model 27 Tourings believed to exist
  • Long-term, single-family ownership
  • Beautifully preserved and believed to be highly original
  • Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Preservation Class Award Winner

Elwood P. Haynes was a true pioneer of the American automobile industry. Building his first self-propelled vehicle as early as 1894, Haynes’ advances in metallurgy and manufacturing as well as his work with Edgar and Elmer Apperson—brothers who would found their own automobile company—helped pave the way for the mass production of the early automobile. Later Haynes automobiles such as the example offered here are remarkably capable machines, having proved themselves at endurance events around the country. Rarely seen today, and rarely sold, they are highly sought after among early auto aficionados.

This Haynes Model 27 Touring is believed to be one of just two examples known to exist. It was reportedly purchased by the O’Leary family of Mason City, Iowa and handed down through generations, until being sold in the mid-1980s to another Mason City resident, Wayne Schmidt. With the help of a friend, Mr. Schmidt resurrected the Haynes before entering the car in an Antique Automobile Club of America event, where it undoubtedly garnered attention for its remarkably preserved condition. Mr. Schmidt retained the Haynes until his passing in 2007.

In the hands of its next owner, the Haynes was entered in the Preservation Class at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where it received an impressive third-in-class result. Following this accomplishment, the car underwent a mechanical refurbishment, which included rebuilding the magneto and water pump, installing new brake linings, and replacing various seals. With this work completed, the Haynes was ready to participate in numerous tours, which it completed without fault. Thanks to its 468-cubic-inch six-cylinder engine, it moves down the road with ease, aided by a three-speed pre-selector transmission and a semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension, all mounted to a 136-inch wheelbase chassis.

Beautifully presented today, this 1914 Haynes Touring represents a unique opportunity to acquire what is believed to be a highly original 50-horsepower tourer with a wonderful patina and a documented ownership history. Frequently enjoyed on tours, this is an eminently capable, imposing automobile ideal for any number of Brass Era tours and events, or for further display at shows around the country.