Lot 146

Amelia Island 2014

2008 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster


$275,000 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida



Chassis No.
  • Mercedes-Benz and McLaren’s legendary supercar
  • Well maintained and like new
  • The modern road going 300SLR

617 bhp, 5,439 cc SOHC supercharged and intercooled V-8 engine, AMG Speedshift R five-speed automatic transmission with three manual modes, four-wheel coil-spring independent suspension, and four-wheel Sensotronic hydraulic disc brakes. Wheelbase: 110 in.

Addendum: Please note this vehicle is titled as a 2008 and import duty of 2.5% of purchase price is payable on this car if the buyer is a resident of the United States.

The SLR McLaren, introduced in November 2003, was Mercedes-Benz’s foray into the world of the supercar, alongside such automobiles as the Porsche Carrera GT and the Ferrari Enzo. It was developed in collaboration with the McLaren Technology Centre, which, at the time, was partially owned by Mercedes. While Ferrari and Porsche pursued creating the best all-out supercars that the world had ever seen, Mercedes and McLaren attempted to create an automobile that coupled the best aspects of supercars and grand tourers, creating a car that could cross great swaths of land at 200 mph while also swaddling its owners in great comfort.

Engineers at Mercedes and McLaren took care to place the V-8 as far back as possible in the chassis in order to improve the car’s handling, giving the SLR near-perfect weight distribution. The SLR’s engine is certainly nothing to scoff at, as it produces 617 horsepower at 6,500 rpm, in thanks to a Lysholm-type twin-screw supercharger, which provides 13 psi of boost pressure. A dash from 0–60 mph took 3.8 seconds, and the car leads to a quarter mile in just over 11 seconds, with a top speed of 206 mph. Its AMG Speedshift R transmission provides three manual modes, to suit the owner’s style of driving. Other remarkable technical features include the Sensotronic “brake by wire” system, carbon-ceramic disc brakes, and an automatic airbrake, which can bring the SLR to a screeching halt from 120 mph to a dead stop in less than 240 feet.

In 2007, Mercedes introduced the SLR McLaren Roadster, adding even more fanfare to Mercedes’ high-end sports car. Fortunately for the SLR Roadster, when removing the roof, the “swing-wing” doors remain hinged to the A-pillars rather than the roof itself. After being manually unlatched, the roof takes just 10 seconds to fold into a compartment behind the rear seats—quick enough to be done at a stop light. Engineers also spent lots of time focusing on structural rigidity in both the coupe and the roadster models of the SLR, and Mercedes claims that the drop-top is just as rigid as the coupe. Save for the convertible top, the SLR remained largely unchanged from its coupe sibling. Not only did the roadster provide owners with the same performance and usability as the coupe, but it also allowed them to hear the SLR’s glorious exhaust note, which many thought to be the best facet of the car.

This SLR Roadster was produced in 2007, and it wears Mercedes Crystal Laurite Silver Metallic over a red leather interior with a black convertible top, which is a sporting yet elegant color combination that perfectly reflects the SLR as an automobile. The car is presently fitted with custom iForged wheels, which add to the car’s aggressive look; however, its original wheels are still present with the car, and they will be offered with the sale. The odometer reads just over 11,500 miles, and the car is presently in like-new condition. Additionally, the SLR’s front bonnet has been fitted with 3M protective film, in order to protect the SLR’s nose from rock chips and bugs while driving.

The SLR proved to be both a competent grand tourer and sports car, and it is well regarded for its reliability and relative ease of driving. The trunk of the car can easily fit a weekend’s worth of luggage for two, and the car is fitted with automatic climate control and a cabin that is lavishly trimmed in leather, carbon fiber, and aluminum, making it very nice to be in for an extended period of time. This SLR has been well maintained for its entire life, and it is definitely ready to be used as its creators intended.