Memorabilia, Toys, and Treasures Give Insight to the Life of a Beloved Ferrari Collector

A picture, or a print like the one heading this blog, may be worth a thousand words—and thoughts attempting to ascertain what’s all happening within the frame. When something like it is added to a collection, it can give insight into the curator’s personality and tastes. For instance, the Enzo Ferrari Print in the Style of Michelangelo, pictured above, a printed parody of Michelangelo’s renowned fresco work, “The Creation of Adam,” places Enzo Ferrari as God, creating one of his many Ferrari machines, surrounded by some of the most notable individuals to have raced for the Scuderia, like Alberto Ascari, Jody Scheckter, Nigel Mansell, and Mario Andretti, to name just a few. Enzo, fraught with making his motorsport endeavors a success, created a collection of his own, made up of some of the best drivers in the business, in an effort to achieve greatness. Enzo’s collection, per se, remains a manifestation of his determination to win, his stern focus, and dedication to the art of racing. The fans who believed in it hold similar values.


Stanley Cohen was one of those fans; a massive supporter of Ferrari. He, too, amassed his own collection of Ferraris and Ferrari memorabilia over the decades, including the humorous Ferrari print—a small nod to his own humor and passion for the Scuderia. From the 1970s on, Cohen owned every single Ferrari model ever produced, which naturally led to a relationship with the marque, noted in his framed correspondence, cards, and personalized gifts offered as part of The Cohen Collection.




The beloved and well-known car enthusiast spent much of his life sharing his love of Ferrari and cars with his community. He was a charter member of the Ferrari Club of New England and in 2001, founded the Concorso Ferrari and Friends—a yearly auto show featuring hundreds of sports and supercars, with a significant Ferrari presence. The event also acted as a benefit to raise funds for the Connecticut Children’s Foundation, one of Cohen’s many philanthropic endeavors, which provided young patients rides in these exquisite machines. Oh, the smiles!




The Cohen Collection on offer contains just some of Stanley’s collectible memorabilia. His array of Ferrari collectibles include elegant works of sculpture art like the incredibly detailed Ferrari Testa Rossa Murano Glass Sculpture by Pino Signoretto, a renowned contemporary Italian glass artist, or the Ferrari Testarossa Crystal Sculpture by Claude Nicolas, and rare car models like the two Ferrari LaFerrari 1:8 Scale Models by Amalgam, two of the just 499 models made. Just pick a color: yellow or red.




Some items are more personalized like his 1:18 scale Enzo Ferrari model. Or the blanket made up of personalized Ferrari t-shirts commissioned by Cohen. According to his family, in his later years, Cohen would make the receipt of a new Ferrari a celebration, commemorating the occasion with a custom t-shirt, designed specifically for the new model’s arrival to hand out to family and friends. The shirts, unique to him, were compiled into a quilt, available as Lot 357, Two Ferrari Blankets. Note the top right square for the 355 F1, “One Shiftless S.O.B.,” another testament to Cohen’s glorious sense of humor.


Included in the collection is a significant number of Michael Schumacher memorabilia and art, signed by the seven-time F1 World Championship driver. Among those items are two Mercedes Schumacher helmets, one dressed in his 9/11 tribute design, done specifically for the 2001 Formula 1 Race at Indianapolis.




Not every item is solely for the Ferrarista. There are a multitude of items on offer showcasing Cohen’s collecting enthusiasm as a whole, like this Pagani Huayra Roadster 1:8 Scale Model by MR Collections, signed by Horacio Pagani. Other items included are sports memorabilia like this pair of Signed Muhammad Ali Everlast boxing gloves and a George Steinbrenner Signed Baseball, and framed historical relics such as this manuscript letter from Napoleon, signed in 1813


The Cohen Collection reveals a man who was dedicated to the enthusiast culture and community, Ferrari in particular, with great respect for the marque. A man who not only loved to collect, but one with great passion to share the fun and revelation that is the Ferrari, a legacy that will continue on with the people he greatly influenced and supported over the years. His collection, a part of that legacy, opens for bidding on 10 July 2024.


See the entirety of The Cohen Collection here.


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