Ken Wallace

Car Specialist

Vero Beach, Florida - United States

Languages: English +1 734 368 1967

Specialist Image

For Ken, cars are a constant. He met his wife, herself from a family of restorers, at Pebble Beach in 2009, and the only jobs he has ever known have involved automobiles. Laying claim to an extensive car knowledge, Ken has much in the way of personal, hands-on experience, having come to RM after nearly two decades spent doing restoration and mechanical work—a little of everything except upholstery. Since joining in 1999, he has had the chance to repeatedly employ his preferred hands-on approach, being tasked to restore and refit a building in Michigan as a showroom within his first year. And when RM purchased Auburn Auction Park in 2010, he not only helped in the establishment of Auctions America but also assisted in overseeing the rapid restoration of the park’s facilities in just 90 days. Notably, he can claim fourteen years working under a private collector, where he laid hands upon a range of vehicles: Pierce-Arrows, Packards, Corvettes, Shelbys, and Ferraris. Such work, in tandem with his time as a Car Specialist, has let him develop a well-honed eye that knows quality at a glance. The combination of extensive time spent on both the restoration and the auction side of the collector car hobby has served him well, his knowledge growing all the more through his years spent helping to ferry quality cars, both singularly and via collections, to new owners. Such time has also allowed him to meet many interesting people within the hobby, and he always looks forward to meeting more like-minded enthusiasts at concours and events. Now representing RM in Florida—the fourth state from which he has done so—Ken enjoys the car-friendly, warm weather and hopes to continue meeting more faces he can one day call clients.