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1972 Porsche 911 S Coupe


Sweden Flag | jönköping, Sweden



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Swedish Registreringsbeviset
  • One of only 1,750 911 S Coupes built for 1972
  • Beautifully cosmetically and mechanically restored to a high level
  • Factory-correct Tangerine exterior; black interior with pepita inserts
  • Retains numbers-matching engine and gearbox; accompanied by Porsche Certificate
  • Factory-equipped with sunroof

Much of the Porsche 911’s immense popularity is attributed to its adherence to tradition, but in truth, the model has always evolved and improved—something that can be said even of the very first generation of “classic” 911s introduced in 1964. 1972 brought a slate of notable refinements, including an increase in engine displacement to 2,341 cubic centimeters and improved weight distribution for better balance. At the top of the range, the 911 S now produced 190 horsepower thanks in part to its Bosch mechanical fuel injection; it was also fitted with a subtle, but effective, chin spoiler to improve aerodynamic characteristics at speed.

This car is one of only 1,750 911 S Coupes built for 1972. Delivered new via Raffay, an official Porsche dealer in Hamburg, Germany, much of this example’s early life remains unknown. By 1984, it had travelled to Sweden, yet it was never registered for the road (or, apparently, driven at all) after arriving in the country. Its second Swedish owner had intentions to modify the car, but as is quite often the case, the project stalled following its partial disassembly.

The 911 S languished until it was acquired by the consignor in 2006. A Porsche restorer by trade, he was in an ideal position to return the neglected car to its prime. Its many years spent off the road did have one salutary side effect: The coupe was reportedly nearly rust-free and exhibited no signs of previous accidents or repairs, making it a solid starting point for a comprehensive overhaul.

During the restoration that followed, conducted by the consignor as well as a selection of hand-picked specialists, the car was totally stripped and refinished in a factory-correct coat of Tangerine paint. This is paired with a black interior with “pepita” seat inserts, making for a classic and appealing combination. A factory sunroof completes the cabin.

The car’s engine and gearbox, both numbers-matching per the accompanying Porsche Certificate, were treated to the same degree of attention at this time, along with all other mechanical systems. From its exceptionally clean underbody and engine compartment, as well as wiring, hardware fittings, and ancillary systems, this Coupe presents much like it did when it first left the factory. A Porsche Productions Specification certificate confirming the car’s original specification has been applied for, and will be provided upon arrival.

Having seen very limited, careful use since the completion of its restoration, this 1972 911 S Coupe in striking Tangerine is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the classic 911 at its best.