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The White Collection

1996 Porsche 911 Carrera RS


$555,000 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Houston, Texas



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US Title
  • The 605th of only 1,104 examples produced; delivered new to Japan
  • Acquired directly from its last Japanese owner by the White Collection in March 2014
  • Presented in factory-original Grand Prix White over black-gray leatherette upholstery
  • Currently indicates 32,990 km (~20,500 miles) at time of cataloguing; exceptional degree of originality throughout
  • Generously equipped with Clubsport front spoiler, Clubsport rear wing, power steering, power windows, air conditioning, bucket seats, airbags, and locking differential

Completed at Zuffenhausen on 24 July 1995, this exceptionally well-preserved, Grand Prix White (908/P5) over black-gray leatherette Carrera RS is the 605th of only 1,104 examples produced for Porsche’s 993-generation 911. Accompanying documentation shows that it was delivered new to Osaka, Japan on 25 September via the Mizwa Corporation; for nearly 50 years, Mizwa was the main importer of Porsches into Japan before Porsche themselves gained a Japanese foothold in 1995, and subsequently took over Mizwa’s business entirely in November 1997.

To make the 300-horsepower Carrera RS as light as possible, Porsche engineers fitted thinner window glass, an aluminum front boot lid and doors, as well as simplified door panels with fabric pulls. Furthermore, almost every creature comfort was banished to the list of optional equipment; the model lacks standard central locking, a radio, speakers, power-adjustable seats, electric windows, air conditioning, insulation, air bags, and a rear defroster. All these items could, of course, be added back in by customer request.

As such, Carrera RS number 605 is fitted—like most Japanese-market RS examples—with the desirable Clubsport aero package, and a host of touring features including power steering, power windows, air conditioning, bucket seats with color-matched seatbacks, front airbags, and a locking differential. Following its pre-delivery inspection, this RS was sold new to the owner of the Sanwa Construction Company and registered with the commercial plate “345 45 15.”

Service invoices on file indicate that Mizwa Porsche of Osaka completed regular servicing through the car’s first 7,000 kilometers of use, until RS number 605 was sold to its next recorded owner and moved to Nagoya City, where it received the vanity registration plate “332 3 99.3.” Following eight years of carefully cherished ownership and routine maintenance by Porsche specialist Garage 911, the car was sold to its last and final recorded Japanese owner, then indicating approximately 32,000 kilometers (~19,880 miles).

In June of 2014, this Carrera RS was purchased by the White Collection directly from its Shizuoka-based owner, and promptly imported stateside to the consignor’s climate-controlled Porsche museum.

While in the care of the White Collection, it has been started and run to operating temperature monthly. Additionally, its cosmetic state of presentation has been perfected by the furnishing of nearly $2,000 of miscellaneous, hard-to-find trim pieces, seals, and factory-correct mounting hardware.

Now showing fewer than 32,992 kilometers (~20,500 miles) at time of cataloguing, RS number 605 would be an outstanding prize for the most discerning of Porsche marque collectors, on account of its exceptional rarity, and amazing degree of interior, exterior, and mechanical preservation.