The Bennett Collection

New Hampshire
21 - 22 September 2012
Lot 2301

1925 Lancia Lambda Roadster


$207,000 USD | Sold

United States Flag | New Hampshire



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Addendum: Being sold on Bill of Sale accompanied by New Hampshire VIN Verification form.

Dr. Bennett purchased this car approximately 10 years ago from world renowned Lancia aficionado Paul Tullius. Tullius at the time, was the president of the Lancia Owners Club of America, and now serves as judge at countless concours events world wide as a Lancia expert. Tullius bought the car from it's boston-baded long term owner. When Dr. Bennett, saw the Hemmings ad featuring this car as "Lancia Lamda Cassaro-Spyder" he confirmed through Tullius that in Tullius respected opinion, the car was, in fact, a Lancia Lamda Casaro Spyder.

This is an uncommon Lancia Lambda that has side-by-side rumble seats incorporated into its body design. The Lancia is reported to have been purchased from a Lancia Owner’s Club member who had, in turn, purchased the car from a longtime owner in Massachusetts. This Massachusetts owner had its entire drivetrain rebuilt during his ownership. The current owner painted the car two-tone blue, after reportedly being finished in white for approximately 50 years. The Lancia had its head gasket replaced around six years ago, and at the same time the head was machined. At that time, the visible internal workings of the engine “looked like new.” It is said that the Lancia “runs and drives quite well.”