Sam Pack Collection | Lot 156

2006 Ford GT



$418,000 USD | Sold

United States | Farmer's Branch, Texas

15 November 2014

Chassis No.
  • Purchased new by Mr. Pack
  • Virtually as new, with less than 13 miles on its odometer
  • Features all four factory options

550 bhp, 5.4-liter 32-valve DOHC supercharged V-8 engine, six-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Wheelbase: 106.7 in.

Looking to sell the road-car division of his company, Enzo Ferrari approached the Ford Motor Company in 1963 with a plan to unite his small but highly successful company with one of the largest automobile corporations on the planet. Ford executives believed that this would be a fantastic acquisition for their company. Being able to associate Ferrari’s racing experience and record with Ford’s money would lead to not only more victories on Sunday, but more cars would also be sold in the showroom on Monday. Lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic worked diligently to draft a contract, but Enzo refused to sign at the last moment, arguing that he was not given enough freedom or control over his beloved racing department in the new company.

Understandably, Henry Ford II was livid when he heard his plans would not come to fruition. He decided that his company could, and would, create a much better race car than Ferrari could ever dream of, so he put his engineers to work. Cost was irrelevant, as this was personal. The car that resulted, the Ford GT40, would bring Ford four victories in a row at the fabled 24 Hours of Le Mans, from 1966 to 1969, with an astounding 1-2-3 finish in 1966.

After producing a GT40 concept car in 2002 that attracted lots of attention from both the media and the general public, Ford decided to develop and produce the car for regular production to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary. A small team at Ford kept Ferrari’s 360 Modena squarely in its sights as a benchmark for performance, and they went to fanatical lengths to ensure that the new GT would live up to its fabled name. It was powered by a supercharged 5.4-liter V-8, and its performance was extraordinary. It could sprint from 0–60 in 3.7 seconds and achieve a top speed of nearly 200 mph, making it quite capable of going toe-to-toe with not only the 360 Modena but also Porsche’s Carrera GT and the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR.

This particular Ford GT was produced in March 2006 and is outfitted with all four factory options, the lightweight BBS aluminum wheels, grey-painted brake calipers, silver-painted racing stripes, and an upgraded McIntosh stereo. For its entire life, the car has been perfectly preserved in Mr. Pack’s collection, still wearing plastic on its seats and delivery stickers on its windshield. It’s also important to note that the car is accompanied by its original set of manuals, promotional material given to dealers, and the dealer handbook.

Not only is the Ford GT undoubtedly one of the greatest supercars produced thus far into the 21st century, it is also a wonderful homage to the original GT40 and an incredible car in its own right. It provides incredible performance for the money and is able to keep pace with its European rivals, proving itself to be a classic in its own time.

Simply stated, the opportunity to purchase an as-new Ford GT with only delivery mileage should not be missed.

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