Motor City | Lot 165

1942 Ford Super DeLuxe Station Wagon

$60,500 USD | Sold

United States | Plymouth, Michigan

30 July 2016

Chassis No.
  • Only a handful of enthusiast owners from new
  • The rarest of all Ford “woodies” built between 1936 and 1948
  • Exceptional maple and African mahogany bodywork; well-equipped

Model 21A. 90 bhp, 221 cu. in. flathead V-8 engine, three-speed manual transmission, solid front and live rear axles with transverse semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 114 in.

When ranking collectible cars, rarity is always a top consideration. Other factors include eye-catching design and the quality of workmanship and materials, along with being a car not easily replicated in today’s market. When considering exceptional “woodies,” it is hard to beat a V-8-powered 1942 Ford Super DeLuxe Station Wagon, with the handsomely updated body design that debuted late in 1941.

The numbers of 1942 woodies built (5,483 Super DeLuxe plus 567 Series 21A DeLuxe) were quite small compared with much larger annual production totals for 1936 through 1948. With America’s full-scale involvement in World War II underway, military requirements took priority, accounting for the significant percentage of Ford’s 1942 production made in standard form.

The wagon offered here was originally delivered to the owner of a goldmining operation in Colorado and remained in his ownership until his passing during the 1960s. It was subsequently sold by his estate to the second owner, a well-known enthusiast from Colorado, in whose ownership it remained for three decades.

Complete with all of the trim and equipment of the Super DeLuxe model, the wagon is equipped with the desirable features of dual Ford-scripted fog lights, a radio, an upgraded Southwind heater, twin taillights, turn indicators, twin “gooseneck” mirrors, twin front-seat armrests, a metal spare tire cover, and three-row seating, with capacity for eight passengers. In its current ownership, it has been well-maintained and shows very nicely, with its rich maple and African mahogany bodywork still in excellent condition. In 2013, its brakes were rebuilt, with new drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, and master cylinder, and the carburetor was rebuilt as well.

Even with relatively large gatherings of Fords and other woodies at major events, a 1942 Super DeLuxe “woodie” seldom appears. When one does, crowds are drawn to it because of its rarity and its unique-to-1942 stainless-steel grille with vertical bars. Indeed, this wonderful example will be welcomed and appreciated at virtually any vintage car event.

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