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This is an entirely unique concept car that introduced innovation avant-garde in the 1970s, a time when man was going to the moon and imagining a space future. The Modulo is characterized by an aerodynamic shape done with two overlapping body shells separated by a rectilinear indentation on the waistline.

Overall, the Modulo recall a spaceship. Thanks to its strong innovative character Modulo was chosen to represent Italian design at the Osaka Expo1970.

Its extreme future-oriented character was what made us choose it for the ultra-modern world of NFTs.

By reason of its futuristic forms, the Pininfarina Modulo remains as contemporary today as it was in the past. It’s style never ceases to be contemporary and indeed seems to come from the future even today.

“We are proud that our first NFT Collection is dedicated to give a new life to the Modulo” affirmed Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “The concept car designed in 1970 is a manifesto of Pininfarina vision: beauty and innovation to design the future”.

“We are pleased to enter the world of NFTs” says Silvio Angori, Pininfarina CEO. “The metaverse is an area we can make a significant contribution to by having been producers of cutting-edge creativity for 90 years”.

Modulo Through The Decades - THE 10’s NFT

The unprecedented collaboration between Pininfarina, Sasha Sirota and 1of1 has led to the production of 5 unique video-animation NFTs – the fifth being the all-encompassing ‘Digital Age’ of the 2010’s.

The NFT also features an exclusive 2010s themed original soundtrack produced by Sasha Sirota: the NFT presents Modulo in a different, innovative context, set inspired by the transformative 2010’s.


There will only be five collectors who will own these unique collectibles at any time, and which can be shared across generations of enthusiasts and collectors to come. The lucky collectors will be part of the brand’s iconic legacy and community and will also have access to VIP utilities, including:

  • A Limited Edition of a printed artwork of the Modulo, signed by the Chairman, Mr Pininfarina himself.
  • The reproduction of a Limited Edition 1 of 1 historic hand drawn sketch of the Modulo in print form, signed by the Chairman, Mr Pininfarina himself, from the prized archives at Pininfarina
  • A Digital specially made Booklet (as well as single images) on a USB key of some of the unique artwork ‘treasures’ from the Pininfarina private design archives including a 1 of 1 exclusive historic hand drawn sketch
  • Digital replica of the physical Pininfarina Modulo, provided as a GLB file - the very first Pininfarina car suitable for the metaverse made available on a USB key
  • One time only private tour of the Pininfarina Museum, One time only one-to-one meeting with the Pininfarina car design team, One time only Virtual Lab immersive experience @ Pininfarina HQ located in Cambiano, Italy (excluding flights and accommodation)