Lot 114

Paris 2021

1977 Porsche 911 Turbo Carrera

Gold Collection


€103,500 EUR | Sold

Germany Flag | Karlskron, Germany



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German Fahrzeugbrief
  • Offered from the Gold Collection
  • Originally produced for the U.S. market
  • Delivered new to California, later exported to Europe
  • Retains both English and German-language service manuals
  • Finished in its original colour scheme and highly attractive, patinated interior

Porsche first made their turbocharged version of the legendary 911 in the United States available to eager buyers in 1976. While Porsche had previously experimented with turbocharging on their racing cars, most notably with the 917/30, the 911 Turbo would be the first production Porsche to ever utilize turbocharging. Adding to its appeal was the car’s truly incredible looks, characterized by its unique “whale tail” spoiler at the rear, which helped to keep the large rear tires planted to the ground at high speeds.

The 911 Turbo, which was internally dubbed the Type 930, boasted a top speed just over 155 mph and was one of the fastest automobiles of its day. Car & Driver magazine recorded a 0–60 mph time of 4.9 seconds in their December 1975 issue, calling the car “a Panzer among Porsches; a street racer that will guarantee you a place at the top of the pecking order in a way that not even a Ferrari or a Lamborghini can.” However, like other high-horsepower cars, the 911 Turbo demanded 100 percent from its drivers due to the tendency to oversteer at the limit and the engine’s significant “turbo lag.” The Turbo quickly gained a reputation for being unforgiving in the hands of inexperienced drivers. Nevertheless, customers loved it, and the 911 Turbo proved to be a huge success in both the European and North American markets. As a result, turbocharged variants have been a staple of Porsche models, particularly 911s, ever since.

This superb example was delivered new to Carlson Porsche/Audi and sold Nov 2, 1976 to its first registered owner, John D’Acquisto of Millbrae, California, just south of San Francisco. As per the original warranty book accompanying the car, it remained in sunny California through at least 1984 before being shipped to the Netherlands in 1993 and has remained in Europe since. Upon its arrival in Europe, the car was issued a new German-language service book, which shows regular maintenance in the Netherlands through 2014.

A comprehensive overhaul of the gearbox, suspension and engine by Manfred Hering’s workshop Early 911S in Wuppertal, Germany to European-specifications was performed in 2018 that included new Mahle pistons, cylinders and rings, cylinder heads rebuilt with new valves, and fully photo documented. This work amounted to over €60,000. Finished in its original colour scheme of Sahara Yellow with sumptuous original brown leather interior, this 911 also boasts air conditioning, rear wiper, Fuchs wheels, as well as the original Blaupunkt Bamberg radio/cassette player. Attentive ownership care, blistering power and regular upkeep help to make this 911 Turbo a wonderful driver-quality example.