Lot 126

2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé *


CHF195,500 | Sold

Liechtenstein | Eschen, Liechtenstein



Chassis No.
Swiss Carte Grise
  • The ultimate modern gentleman’s Rolls-Royce
  • Very attractive, subtle color combination
  • Used and enjoyed for over 30,000 km as part of the collection
  • Still presented in virtually showroom-new condition

At its debut in 2003, the Rolls-Royce Phantom set a new standard for the marque with its combination of traditional hand-craftsmanship and the latest high-technology. In the best Rolls-Royce tradition, the model evolved over its production run, eventually spawning two two-door versions: The Phantom Drophead Coupé and, later, the Coupé with a fixed roof, both based upon the well-received 100EX concept vehicle of 2004. The latter was the first Rolls-Royce coupé produced by the factory in over two decades, and it shared the sedan’s potent 453-brake horsepower V-12, as well as its muscular styling and front-opening “coach doors.” While conventional handles for the doors were provided, they could be both opened and closed automatically, at the touch of a button—a truly extravagant feature.

The left-hand drive Phantom Coupé offered here was delivered in Black Diamond Metallic with Consort Red leather interior, wood trim finished in Piano Black, and optional front and rear parking cameras. Further, it is equipped with the dazzling Starlight Headliner, a breathtaking Rolls-Royce signature feature which simulates a starry night on the Coupé’s ceiling via hundreds of hand-fitted, dimmable fiber optic lights.

Acquired for the collection from the respected Lukas Hüni with only 4,200 km recorded at the time, it now has 30,239 km at the time of cataloguing but remains in superb running order. This is reflected in its service history with specialists, including Rolls-Royce of Zürich, dating back to 2011. Reflecting the owner’s passion for enjoying his automobiles as the manufacturer intended, the receipts include those for annual exchanges of summer and winter tires! Nonetheless, overall the car appears nearly as-new, with only minor signs of stretching to the leather upholstery. Further, it is complete with original accoutrements such as the pair of umbrellas secreted within the doors, a bound owner’s manual, and a battery conditioner.

Even today, five years after the style left production, the Phantom Coupé represents the height of uncompromising modern engineering and luxury. It is an automobile to stop onlookers in their tracks with its regal lines and superb 12-cylinder performance.