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Monterey 2023

1996 BMW 320i Super Touring


$168,000 USD | Sold

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  • Italian Super Touring entry in 1996 with the CiBiEmme squad
  • Independent category-winner in the 1997 North American Touring Car Championship with Randy Pobst
  • Powered by the code S42 engine producing 320 hp
  • Eligible for numerous vintage racing events

In the 1990s, the category of touring car racing underwent a period of greatly increased interest from the public, culminating in the golden age of FIA Class 2 “Super Touring” cars. Based on the 2-Liter Formula introduced in 1990 for the British Touring Car Championship, the ground rules established that manufacturers enter a four-door vehicle with a minimum of 4.2 meters in length and no more than six naturally aspirated cylinders. As the decade progressed, aerodynamic devices were allowed, and within the continental European series, four-wheel drive also became legal.

During this time, BMW utilized the code E36 model of their famed 3-Series to compete in the class. The car initially used the powerplant from the previous-generation M3, but in 1994, BMW developed the code S42 engine. Featuring dual injection per cylinder, individual throttle bodies, dry-sump lubrication, and a carbon fiber air-box, initially 300 horsepower was sent to the rear wheels—but that eventually rose to 320 horsepower in its final specification. The rear axle featured a unique design engineered by McLaren which utilized inboard bell crank suspension in order to supply maximum wheel control and grip.

The car on offer, chassis 96/007, was initially entered by the CiBiEmme team in the 1996 Italian Super Touring season driven by Yolanda Surer and Formula One veteran Gianni Morbidelli. With teammates Johnny Cecotto and Emanuele Naspetti employed for the entire season, the team racked up 11 victories on their way to a manufacturer’s title. The car would then be sent to the United States, where it competed in the North American Touring Car Championship. During the 1997 season, the car was entered by TC Kline Racing with the legendary Randy Pobst behind the wheel amongst the non-factory backed independent class. Within this category, Pobst achieved 1st place, as well as 5th in the overall championship, continuing the winning ways of this chassis.

Purpose-built for competition with a highly developed engine and suspension, this BMW Super Touring car possesses wonderful pedigree and will surely make for a wonderful companion on track days or at any number of international vintage racing events.