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1968 Citroën DS Le Caddy Henri Chapron Series 2 by DS Manufaktur


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Chapron No.
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  • Created by German DS experts DS Manufaktur to Chapron Le Caddy specification
  • Constructed using Henri Chapron's original plans, under special license from the Chapron family
  • The first of two examples built with a total of five contracted
  • Cloaked in Bleu Polaire Glace over Bleu d’Orient with Saffron leather trim
  • The sleekest and most extravagant of the Chapron DS designs

From the moment it was unveiled in October 1955, the Citroën DS captured the motoring world’s imagination. Beneath its refined yet avant garde styling by Flaminio Bertoni was a host of cutting-edge technologies. One feature initially unavailable to DS buyers, however, was a convertible top. Ultimately, Citroën would turn to coachbuilder Henri Chapron to create the Décapotable Usine, or “factory convertible.”

While he continued to produce the factory convertibles, Chapron experimented with more exclusive, custom designs. More labor intensive to build and exhibiting a bevy of bespoke features, these special editions were offered directly to his most-preferred clientele. Considered among the most impressive of these was the Le Caddy, which bore a lowered windshield and sweeping rear deck, resulting in an elegantly streamlined appearance. Fewer than 40 were ultimately produced, making them rare in period and eagerly sought today.

Based in Brensbach, Germany, DS Manufaktur is the only Citroën restoration firm operating under special license from the Chapron family. Using Henri’s original design plans, while also incorporating subtle modern enhancements, each car is painstakingly constructed to Henri Chapron’s standards and issued a Chapron body number, authorized badging, and issued a certificate of authenticity upon completion. The firm has been licensed by the Chapron family to build just five of these continuation Le Caddys, known as the Series 2.

The car on offer here, chassis 7605754, is the first Series 2 Le Caddy to be completed and one of only two currently in existence. In addition to its full mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic system refurbishment the stunning convertible body was liveried in a unique, Chapron-inspired finish of Bleu Polaire Glace over a Bleu d’Orient rear deck, while the interior was swathed in supple Saffron-toned leather. A rare set of Rotbergel hubcaps complete the stunning presentation.

Extensively modified by Chapron and meticulously fashioned, the original Le Caddys were an homage to the glorious early years of bespoke coachbuilding. This Series 2 example, recognized by Chapron and wearing a stunning concours restoration, offers the chance to acquire a true automotive masterpiece.