Le Sporting, Monte Carlo
14 May 2016
Lot 125

1925 Peugeot Type 172 BC '5 CV'

The Quattroruote Collection


€12,320 EUR | Sold

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Chassis No.
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Italian Libretto
  • An extremely rare Italian-built model; one of about 215 made
  • Part of the collection since 1960
  • Charming and diminutive

22 hp, 720 cc L-head inline four-cylinder engine, three-speed manual transmission with reverse, solid front axle with transverse leaf spring suspension, solid rear axle with semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension, and rear-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 2,270 mm

Addendum: Kindly note once sold this lot must return to Italy following the sale to be officially exported. The transportation and post-sale storage of the cars back to Milan (Quattroruote) will be at sellers expense. The cars will be stored at Quattroruote in Milan until this process is complete and the registrations have been cancelled. Buyers can then make arrangements to collect cars directly from Quattroruote once this process is complete. We estimate the process will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

Following World War I, famed French manufacturer Peugeot introduced the Quadrilette, a light, tiny economy car that would be affordable to the average French citizen. By 1924, the model had evolved into the Type 172, using an even shorter wheelbase but a wider track, allowing the seats to be placed in the conventional side-by-side layout rather than tandem, as on the Quadrilette. The model sold splendidly and helped restore Peugeot to post-war financial health, with 48,285 built between 1924 and 1929.

Peugeot licensed the design of the ‘5 CV’, as it was popularly known to other manufacturers, such as French manufacturer Lucien Rosengart, for its horsepower rating, and it also built cars for the Italian market at its own facility in Milan. The car offered here is a Type 172 BC, available only in 1925; about 7,300 were made, of which 7,084 were built in France, and the balance, 215, was built in Italy. This is one of the latter, making it an appropriate addition to the Quattroruote Collection. It has been part of the Collection for 56 years, having been acquired in 1960 from Angelo Scavu.

The car retains Milan registration plates 479651 and appears today much as when it was acquired for the Collection, in scarlet with black fenders, and pinstriped red disc wheels shod in blackwall tires. The black interior is older but presentable, as is the attractive wooden dashboard, with its pair of large round gauges. An interesting feature is the sliding glass in each door, which makes open-air motoring more comfortable year round. The car would benefit from cosmetic refreshing but could also be serviced and put into enjoyable driving use; it would make a most entertaining commuter! It is accompanied by ASI paperwork and other ownership documentation.

Charming and lovable, this rare Italian-built Peugeot ‘5 CV’ would be a fun addition to any stable.