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London 2023

1970 Aston Martin DB6 Mk 2 Vantage


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Chassis No.
Kuwait Vehicle Registration
  • One of 71 Vantage-specification DB6 Mk 2s produced from 1969 to 1970
  • Finished in its factory-correct Burnt Almond paintwork over a Beige Connolly leather interior
  • Powered by a 4-litre straight-six engine coupled to a five-speed manual transmission
  • Purchased new by the famous architect, lecturer, and author Sir Colin St John Wilson
  • A UK-delivery example, thought to have had just five owners from new
Addendum: Please note this lot has entered the UK on a temporary import bond, which must be cancelled either by exporting the lot outside of the UK on an approved Bill of Lading with supporting customs documentation or by paying the applicable VAT and import duties to have the lot remain in the UK.

By 1969, Aston Martin was winding down production of the DB6. The iconic model had evolved from the DB4 and was now over a decade old. As attention turned towards the newer, more modern-looking DBS, Aston Martin launched the DB6 Mk 2 as an interim model until its new flagship model was ready for public sale.

Mechanically, the Mk 2 was largely unchanged from its predecessor; the Borg & Beck clutch plate was replaced with a 10.5-inch version, and the previously optional power-assisted steering was now fitted as standard. Both a ZF five-speed manual gearbox and an automatic transmission were available. Visually, the new Mk 2 benefitted from several DBS components utilised to keep costs down while subtly upgrading the look of the DB6. Most recognisable of these upgrades are the wider 8.15x15-inch Avon wheels, which necessitated flared front and rear wheel arches. Previously optional three-ear knockoffs were fitted as standard, and the interior was redesigned to more closely resemble the DBS—including trimming the front seats with pleated leather.

As was customary for Aston Martin, the Vantage engine was available as an option for those owners who wanted additional performance. Having evolved from the DB4 Special Series engine first seen in 1961, Vantage engines were fitted with three Weber carburettors instead of the standard two. In the highest “C” state of tune, the DB6 Mk 2 Vantage engine now produced 325 horsepower as compared to the standard 282. Only 71 examples were fitted with the Vantage engine from new.

Built in late 1970, this DB6 Mk 2 Vantage was finished in the striking colour of Burnt Almond and delivered to H.W. Motors Ltd of Walton on Thames—Aston Martin’s longest serving dealer. On 7 May 1971 the factory guarantee was issued and chassis 4325/R had been sold to Colin St. John Wilson M. A. of Cambridge. Wilson, a famous lecturer, author and architect, is best known for the design (and ensuring the completion) of the current British Library in London. He taught at Cambridge University from 1956 to 1969.

Retaining chassis 4325/R for over a decade, Wilson eventually sold the car back to H.W. Motors Ltd in 1982, which swiftly sold it to the second owner that same year. Under the care of its second owner, this DB6 Mk 2 Vantage was repainted in 1984 and was sold at auction on 3 December 1990 to the third owner. At the time of the sale, the odometer was reported as reading 22,000 miles and it was noted that marque specialist R.S. Williams had carried out a recent service.

On 30 June 2004, this DB6 Mk 2 Vantage changed hands once more before being acquired by the current owner in 2007. After his acquisition, the car was exported to Kuwait and entered his private collection. Having remained in dry storage since, this vehicle will require recommissioning to be returned to running condition. Please note, the first registration number “FPH 64J” is still assigned to this chassis number on the DVLA database. The odometer reads 43,688 miles at the time of cataloguing.

Today, this DB6 Mk 2 Vantage is still finished in its factory-correct colour of Burnt Almond. As one of just 71 examples built, and having been first owned by a prestigious British architect, this DB6 Mk 2 Vantage presents a rare opportunity to acquire a storied example of the final iteration of Federico Formenti’s iconic design.