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5 November 2022
Lot 144

2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale


£149,500 GBP | Sold

United Kingdom | London, United Kingdom



Chassis No.
  • One of 1,288 examples built at the Maranello factory
  • Finished in Rosso Scuderia over a Nero leather interior
  • Powered by a 419-horsepower V-8 engine allied to an F1 paddle-shift automatic transmission

Launched in 1999, the 360 Modena served as the replacement for the celebrated F355, and quickly established itself as being a worthy successor to the outgoing model. It wasn’t long before the Challenge variant was unveiled—a track-focussed, stripped-down version of the Modena that opened the door to competition in Ferrari’s Challenge race series. For those who wanted the improved driving dynamics of a more circuit-centric 360, but with a slight road bias, there was the Challenge Stradale, which arrived in 2003.

The Challenge Stradale added 25 horsepower compared to the Modena, and was able to shave an incredible 3.5 seconds from its road-focussed stablemate’s lap time at Fiorano. A raft of high-spec components including carbon ceramic disk brakes borrowed from the flagship Enzo contributed to class-leading roadholding, while refinements to the engine and drivetrain improved throttle response and driver engagement. But perhaps the biggest improvement over the Modena was a crash course in weight-saving that resulted in the Challenge Stradale tipping the scales a full 110 kilograms less than the standard road car.

Significant mass was removed from the front and rear bumpers, which were made using a Resin Transfer Moulding system inspired by the track-only Challenge cars, while a smaller, lighter exhaust system also helped shed vital kilograms. Carbon fibre was employed more liberally both for structural elements and exterior trim, and other lightweight materials such as titanium featured more heavily in the suspension components. The interior benefitted from the Modena’s optional carbon fibre seats—fitted as standard in the Challenge Stradale—while weighty leather could be replaced with Alcantara, and door windows could be specified in Lexan. Even the stereo could be sacrificed at the altar of weight saving.

First registered on 8 January 2004, this 360 Challenge Stradale was specified in the timeless combination of Rosso Scuderia over a Nero leather interior. The car is accompanied by an invoice for conformity documents issued to a British motor trader in 2013, in addition to correspondence with German authorities in the same owner’s name. The Ferrari has spent part of its life in the UK and, latterly, Italy. A car cover is included.

This Challenge Stradale is a well-presented example of one of the most desirable variants of Ferrari 360 Modena; the perennially desirable colour combination of Rosso over Nero only adds to its considerable appeal.