The Littlefield Collection | Lot 1068

FV433 Abbot 105-mm Self-Propelled Gun

$89,700 USD | Sold

United States | Portola Valley, California

12 July 2014

Addendum: PLEASE NOTE: This lot is being sold on Bill of Sale only

Weight: 18.2-tons (16,556-kg)

Length: 19' 2” (5.84-m)

Width: 8' 6” (2.64-m)

Height: 8' 2” (2.18-m)

Crew: 6


Hull front: .5” (13-mm)

Turret front: .5” (13-mm)



1x 105-mm L13A1 gun


1x 7.62-mm L4A4 machine gun


40x 105-mm

1,200x 7.62-mm

Engine: Rolls-Royce Mk 4g multi-fuel, 240-hp

Power/weight: 13.1-hp/ton

Fuel Capacity: 101-USG (386-l)

Range: 240-miles (386-km)

Speed: 29-mph (47-km/h)

The vehicle being offered, FV433 Abbot 105-mm Self-propelled Gun, VRN 07EB58, is in original and unrestored condition. The exterior paint is in good condition, but could use cosmetic restoration. All lights and glass are present. The wheels and tracks are serviceable. Exterior cargo bags are present and in very good shape. Spare track shoes are mounted on the hull in their correct racks. The interior is in overall very good condition. The gunner's controls appear to be complete. A near full load of ammunition is loaded into the ammunition racks. Some upholstery work needs to be done. The driver's controls and instruments are all present. This vehicle runs and drives very well.

The FV433 Abbot was built using components from the FV430 series of armored vehicles. It entered service with the British Army Royal Artillery regiments in 1965. The main armament was able to elevate up to 70-degrees and could be depressed to negative 5-degrees. Maximum range was approximately 19,000-yards (17.4-km). Rate of fire was 6- to 8-rounds per minute. The Abbot was provided with the ability to swim through calm water by the addition of a flotation screen fixed around the hull. Propelled in the water by its tracks, it could obtain a speed of 3-knots. A Stalwart Mk. 2 High Mobility Load Carrier carried extra ammunition for the Abbot.

The Abbot was retired from British service in 1995. 80 of them may still be in service with the Indian Army. As a surplus vehicle, the Abbot has been popular with collectors and those who operate “drive a tank” type operations.

Transport Cost to Storage: $2,244

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