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AIFV DSID #0001, Prototype

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(All statistics for AIFV with turret weapon station)

Weight: 15-tons (11,749-kg)

Length: 17' 3” (5.25-m)

Width: 9' 3” (2.81-m)

Height: 9' 2” (2.80-m)

Crew: 3+7 dismounts


Hull front: 1.5” (38-mm)

Hull side: 1.75” (44-mm)



1x 25-mm Oerlikon KBA cannon in turret weapon station


1x 7.62-mm MAG machine gun in turret weapon station


315x 25-mm

1,840x 7.62-mm

Engine: General Motor 6V53T 6-cylinder turbo-supercharged diesel, 260-hp

Power/weight: 17.2-hp/ton

Fuel Capacity: 110-USG (416-l)

Range: 300-miles (482-km)

Speed: 40-mph (64-km/h)

The vehicle being offered, AIFV, serial number DSID-0001, Prototype, was built by FMC in Santa Clara, California. This vehicle is in good condition. The outside needs to be repainted. The tracks and roadwheels are in very good condition. The engine and transmission appear to be in good condition and should run easily. The inside paint is serviceable with a good cleaning. The commander's cupola is present and in good condition. It is missing the master electric control panel and interior troop seats. It does not have a turret.

The AIFV or Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle was a private venture developed in the early 1970s by Based on M113 components, it was designed to allow infantry to fight from within the vehicle by providing them with firing ports for their personal weapons. The Netherlands Army for testing ordered four of them. They were delivered by FMC in 1974.Extensive testing by the Dutch made it necessary to make some changes to meet their requirements including relocating the commander to the left side of the vehicle in a spot behind the driver and moving the weapons station to the right front of the hull.

FMC received a production contract from the Netherlands in April 1975 with the first vehicles to be delivered in 1977. The Dutch designation for the vehicle was YPR-765. The AIFV has a crew of 3 and can carry up to 7 infantrymen. Two firing ports are located in each side of the vehicle with two more in the rear door. The main armament is located in a small turret, which is called an enclosed weapons station. In addition to its base aluminum hull armor, the AIFV also has laminate steel armor mounted on the front and sides of the hull.

The AIFV has been in service with the Dutch Army since 1977. Several other countries including Belgium, Egypt, the Philippines and Turkey, just to name a few, also use it.

Transport Cost to Storage: $1,782


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