The Littlefield Collection | Lot 1009

FV102 Striker Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Carrier

$40,250 USD | Sold

United States | Portola Valley, California

12 July 2014

Addendum: PLEASE NOTE: This lot is being sold on Bill of Sale only

Weight: 9.1-tons (8,346-kg)

Length: 15' 8” (4.8-m)

Width: 7' 4” (2.40-m)

Height: 7' 6” (2.28-m)

Crew: 3


Welded aluminum up to .5” (13-mm) thick



5x Swingfire anti-tank guided missile launcher boxes


1x 7.62-mm L7 GPMG


10x Swingfire missiles including 5 in the launchers and 5 reloads

3,000x 7.62-mm

Engine: Jaguar J60 4.2-liter 6-cylinder gasoline, 190-hp

Power/weight: 20.8-hp/ton

Fuel Capacity: 92-USG (350-l)

Range: 300-miles (483-km)

Speed: 50-mph (80-km/h)

The vehicle being offered, FV102 Striker, is in unrestored and original condition. The exterior paint is in very good to excellent condition. It appears to be in original British Dark Green/Black camouflage. The wheels and tracks are in very good shape. The exterior mirrors, smoke grenade launchers and lights are all present. All vision blocks are present and functioning. The interior is very serviceable and may only need a light cosmetic restoration or very thorough cleaning. This vehicle runs and drives very well.

The FV102 Striker is the anti-tank guided missile carrier variant of the CVR(T) series of vehicles. The CVR(T) series were designed in Great Britain to be tracked, air-transportable replacements for the wheeled Saladin and Saracen series of armored vehicles. The Striker mounts 5 Swingfire anti-tank guided missile launcher boxes on the rear of its superstructure. When needed, the boxes are elevated 35-degrees and the missiles are fired over the front of the superstructure. They are wire-guided missiles where the gunner only has to keep his sights on the target and the missile will find its way there. A dismounted sight was also available for the gunner to use from outside of the vehicle.

The Striker entered service in 1976 with Royal Artillery Anti-tank Guided Missile Batteries. They were later transferred to the Royal Armored Corps where they served with the reconnaissance regiments. During their time in service, the Strikers were upgraded with a Cummins BTA 5.9-liter diesel engine.

The Striker saw action with the British Army in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm/Granby and in 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom/Telic. They were withdrawn from service in 2005 when they were replaced by the Javelin ATGM.

Transport Cost to Storage: $1,320

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