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Hershey 2023

1907 Stanley Model K Semi-Racer

Offered from A Private Collection


$60,500 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
Canadian Registration
  • Quality Carl Amsley/Darryl Kendall re-creation
  • Iconic “coffin-nose” Stanley Semi-Racer
  • Recommissioning in process
Addendum: Please note that this car was damaged in transit and will be repaired, at no expense to the buyer, prior to delivery.

The renowned Stanley brothers were confirmed sportsmen, involved with horse and harness racing by the 1890s. Once they began manufacturing cars, it was only natural that they competed with them. This culminated in setting a land speed record of 126.6 mph with a custom-designed steam racing car at Ormond Beach, Florida, in 1906. In that same vein followed a sports model, the 20-horsepower Model H Gentleman’s Speedy Roadster, which went on sale during that year. For 1907 they went one better, putting a larger, 25-horsepower boiler in the car. For 1908, it received a 30-horsepower engine derived from the record-setting race car. Produced through 1910, 26 Model K Semi-Racers were built in all.

More than a dozen exist today, but just two are “Cars of Record” in the Stanley Register list, with full history from their time of manufacture. Most current Model Ks, of which this is an excellent example, have been fashioned from parts of other cars and with bodies and chassis built anew in wood, as the cars were originally constructed.

The Register indicates that this car was built by Darryl Kendall, a respected Stanley restorer, a number of years ago while he worked for the late Carl Amsley. Mr. Amsley is known for re-creating Stanleys of all models from rescued parts and new bodies where necessary. He is responsible for making it possible for many of today’s collectors to have high-quality authentically presented, running Stanleys to enjoy and drive.

The consignors purchased this car from Mr. Amsley in 1991. Subsequent to that purchase, it received new brake shoes, new piston rods, and an engine overhaul. The bucket seats for two are upholstered in black leather. The passengers are shielded by a folding windshield, but there is no top. It is equipped with brass Neverout headlights from the Rose Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, fueled by a Prestolite cylinder beneath the running board. There is a brass bulb horn for warning oncoming traffic. As presented, the car bears an Antique Automobile Club of America National First medallion dated 1985.

This impressive Model K comes with an extensive history file, including invoices for parts and maintenance work, and is currently being recommissioned by Stanley specialist Alan Kelso.