Lot 419

Hershey 2023

1937 Cord 812 Custom Beverly


$74,250 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
310242 S
Engine No.
FB 845
Body No.
C 105 287
US Title
  • Extremely rare and desirable long-wheelbase model featuring aerodynamic styling by Gordon Buehring
  • One of just 94 Custom Beverly sedans produced; documented in Josh B. Malks’ well-known texts on the model
  • Desirably equipped with external side-exhaust, “Electric Hand” Bendix pre-selector gearbox, and Philco radio
  • Presented in Black over factory-correct red broadcloth upholstery
  • CCCA Full Classic and a wonderful choice for ACD Club events and tours

Conceived as the eventual successor to the groundbreaking and handsome (but short-lived) front-drive Cord L-29 of 1929, the later 810/812 series continued to exemplify company president E. L. Cord’s proven formula for sales success: a combination of cutting-edge styling and high performance, all at a surprisingly reasonable price point.

The “New Cord” of 1936 was offered in several variations, including two sedans, the Westchester and the Beverly—the primary difference between the two being their interior appointments and cost. The lower-priced Westchester sported upholstery in flat broadcloth, while the upscale Beverly offered seats in pleated cloth or optional leather, with a fixed center armrest in earlier models and a folding armrest in later examples.

These sedans were joined in 1937 by two Custom models, built on a wheelbase extended seven inches, for a total span of 132 inches. All the additional length went into the rear compartment, much improving passenger legroom. Body sheet metal was adjusted appropriately, with the lines raised slightly to balance out the equal length, including deeper body sills, a shallower rear door fender cut, and an eighth louver added to the nose.

Cord sales had already begun to wane by the time of the 1937 model’s introduction, and so the expensive Custom series sold in particularly small numbers.

The Custom Beverly offered here, number 310242 S, is one of only 94 examples known to have been built, and it is recorded in both of Josh B. Malks’ well-known texts on the model, Cord 810/812: The Timeless Classic and Cord Complete. The car was born a supercharged model and subsequently repowered with the current normally aspirated engine, with a new serial number tag fitted to match. Acquired by the consignor from the noted Detroit-based collection of Ed Meurer, this lovely 812 benefits from a previous, CCCA Senior First Prize-winning restoration of evident quality, which remains presentably detailed throughout.

With its striking black paintwork, correct-style red broadcloth upholstery, folding armrest, engine-turned dashboard, yellow Cord adjustable fog lights, and wide whitewall tires, this 812 Custom Beverly exudes a tremendously sleek and fashionable presence—even when standing still. Better yet, 310242 S is desirably equipped with Cord’s signature, highly polished external side-exhaust, “Electric Hand” Bendix pre-selector gearbox, and Philco radio.

This is certainly one of the nicest Cord sedans to have been made available in recent years, and it will open up a world of thrilling opportunities to a new owner who can enjoy it in Auburn Cord Deusenberg Club tours and CCCA CARavans alike.