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Hershey 2023

1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B Sport Phaeton

Offered from the Grand Canyon Collection


$132,000 USD | Sold

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  • A true Model B Sport Phaeton with well-known history
  • Winner of “Most Elegant Open Car” at the 1986 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
  • Powered by a 6.0-liter inline eight-cylinder engine
  • CCCA Full Classic and recipient of awards at Pebble Beach, Meadow Brook, and CCCA annual meetings
  • From the estate of well-regarded American classic car collector Conrad Fletcher

For 1929, Pierce-Arrow debuted a new and thoroughly updated inline eight-cylinder engine to replace its respected inline six, which had been the marque’s standard-bearer in some form since the Brass Era. At 125 horsepower, this new straight-eight provided 25 percent more power from fewer cubic inches with smooth, vibration-proof operation. Not surprisingly, 1929 was the best ever year for Pierce, with nearly 10,000 cars sold, and optimism led the way into 1930.

Where most automakers designated their sporting open sedans as Dual-Cowl Phaetons, Pierce-Arrow chose the excitable Sport Phaeton nomenclature. These cars have become among the most coveted of any Pierce-Arrow models and RM Sotheby’s is pleased to offer here what is surely one of its finest examples available.

Said to have been purchased new by a wealthy family of mill owners in St. Paul, Minnesota, this Sport Phaeton, chassis 201664, is believed to have been exported to England just prior to World War II, where it was converted to right-hand drive. After surviving the war, an American soldier is said to have found the car and returned it to its homeland, converting it back to left-hand drive after its arrival. The car’s history then picks up in 1970 when enthusiast Leon Garoyan of Davis, California found it languishing in Northern California. After its purchase, Garoyan set about a odyssey of a restoration process that spanned more than 15 years and included hiring a local artist to hand paint pictures of the car in order to choose the proper color.

Garoyan debuted 201664 at the 1986 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, where it won Most Elegant Open Car. After Pebble Beach, the Sport Phaeton was lauded with awards at Meadowbrook Hall Concours d’Elegance and Classic Car Club of America Annual Meetings, in addition to twice winning the prestigious Vanderveer and Weis trophies from the Pierce-Arrow Society.

Surely among the finest of Pierce-Arrows available, this exalted Sport Phaeton is certain to be a cornerstone of any American Full Classic collection.