Lot 215

Hershey 2023

1956 Mercury Montclair Convertible


$35,200 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
Canadian Registration
  • Mercury’s range-topping convertible for 1956; one of 7,762 produced
  • 215 hp, 312 cu.-in. Y-block V-8; three-speed automatic transmission
  • Wonderful two-tone white and light blue over a two-tone interior; white top
  • Equipped with power steering, brakes, and top; fitted with continental kit
  • Accompanied by selection of invoices spanning 2018–2023

The Mercury Montclair received a series of upgrades for 1956, chief among them being the upsized 312-cubic-inch Y-block V-8 under the hood. When paired with a three-speed automatic transmission, this bigger engine produced a respectable 215 horsepower. Style, too, moved forward with the coming of the new model year, with the addition of new color combinations and sweeping trim that defined the car’s flanks. The “Big M” Mercury emblem now adorned the nose, just below the aerospace-inspired chrome hood ornament.

This Montclair Convertible, one of 7,762 produced for 1956, wears an attractive two-tone white and light blue exterior over a complementary two-tone interior; the convertible top is white, and it stows beneath a light blue top boot when retracted. Rear wheel skirts and a rear continental kit complete this Mercury’s classic boulevard cruiser look. Inside, the nicely detailed cabin features an AM radio and clock; the deeply dished steering wheel—part of the Ford Motor Company’s new-for-1956 “Lifeguard” suite of safety features—sits in front of an eye-catching instrument cluster with a horizontal speedometer. Power steering, power brakes, and a power top round out the car’s list of convenience features.

Previously restored, this Mercury Montclair Convertible is accompanied by service invoices spanning 2018–2023 that detail the routine care it has received while under current ownership.

The Montclair Convertible was Mercury’s flagship offering for 1956, and this nicely maintained example, with its exuberant post-war styling, appealing two-tone livery, and Y-block power to spare, ably demonstrates why.