Lot 387

Hershey 2023

Stinson Calliola

Offered from A Private Collection


$2,013 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Addendum: Please note that this lot is not currently operational. It is missing some components and will require further work.

This Stinson-made replica of a Wurlitzer Calliola was built in the early 1990s for Soundmaster Larry, Inc. of Ohio. It was moved to El Paso, Texas in 1999 and from there to a private collector in Florida. Calliolas are essentially wooden-pipe calliopes. They run on high static-pressure air, as opposed to calliopes, which run on steam with brass pipes. Wurlitzer produced these to compete with companies selling higher-priced steam-powered brass instruments. In addition to being expensive, calliopes were invariably loud; they were often installed on steamboats.

This Stinson Calliola has a bass drum, snare drum, and cymbal. It plays on special calliola paper rolls. Highly decorative, it always brings back memories of days gone by—come and listen to a sound from the past.