Lot 379

1958 Buick Limited Convertible


$187,000 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
Body No.
G 17
US Title
  • Buick’s glitzy, top-of-the-line convertible for 1958
  • One of just 839 built only for 1958, of which few survive
  • Beautifully restored in Seminole Red over a red interior; white convertible top
  • 300 hp V-8 paired with a “Flight Pitch Dynaflow” automatic transmission
  • Rare, resplendently optioned, and finished with a dazzling quantity of chrome

The 1958 model year is remembered by enthusiasts as the apex of automotive excess: the largest-ever cars with the most lavish trim. Few were more chrome-covered than the 1958 Buick Limited, a new series that brought back the famous Limited name, once used to denote Buick’s largest, grandest, and most expensive models.

True to that heritage, the 1958 Limited was the top of the line, carrying the same dynamic “Fashion Air Dynastar” styling as other Flint products of the year, including a remarkable grille composed of 160 faceted chrome squares, but with more brightwork on a longer 127.5-inch-wheelbase chassis, for a total span from nose to nose of over 227 inches!

Distinctive to the Limited were the “hash marks” along the rear fenders, as well as a more sumptuous interior and two-speed Flight Pitch Dynaflow transmission, featuring three turbines and a variable-pitch stator, which was mated to its punchy 300-horsepower overhead-valve V-8.

Detroit was caught unawares by 1958’s flash recession, and sales of its glittering dreamboats were hit hard across the line—few more so than the Limited, which proved to be worthy of that name in more ways than one. The rarest Buick sold in the United States that year was the $5,125 Limited Convertible, of which only 839 were built in what would be both the first and last season for the model.

The Limited Convertible offered here is believed to be one of fewer than 20 that remain extant. It has been restored in striking Seminole Red over a factory-correct red interior, which is paired with a white convertible top. Equipment includes the standard automatic transmission, a dual-range heater, Wonderbar radio, power windows, and dual rearview mirrors. GM’s Autronic Eye automatically dimming headlight system is found mounted on the dashboard.

Seldom seen but impossible to overlook, this 1958 Buick Limited Convertible hearkens back to an age when chrome was abundant and optimism was boundless. A rare opportunity for a dedicated Buick collector, this massive piece of Midcentury automotive Americana would be as enjoyable on the show field as on a carefree, top-down cruise.