Lot 193

Hershey 2022

1929 Cadillac V-8 Transformable Town Cabriolet by Fleetwood


$90,000 - $120,000 USD | Not Sold

United States Flag | Hershey, Pennsylvania



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  • Wears a much-desired and rarely seen Pennsylvania-built Fleetwood body
  • Presented in the same livery as Fleetwood’s one-off 1929 New York Auto Show car
  • Benefits from a well-maintained, complete restoration executed under previous ownership
  • Features optional high-compression cylinder head, rear luggage trunk, Trippe Speedlites, and dual-mounted spares

Compared to its predecessor, the exterior of the 1929 Cadillac was little changed. The parking lamps were moved from the cowl to the tops of the fenders, which was a subtle modification that provided a bit sportier look. Significant changes took place under the sheet metal. Most important of these was a new “clash-less” Synchro-Mesh Silent-Shift three-speed transmission, which negated the need for double-clutching and enabled much smoother gear selection. New mechanical four-wheel brakes required considerably less pedal pressure than earlier models, and the shatterproof Security Plate glass became standard in all windows. The suspension system featured new double-acting Delco shock absorbers, and the fully adjustable seats became standard. For the time being, power was still provided by the marque’s reliable 341-cubic-inch V-8 engine, with optional high-compression head.

The Series 341B V-8 offered here was bodied by Fleetwood, of Pennsylvania—as they had not yet relocated to Detroit—into a Transformable Town Cabriolet with the factory catalogued body style 3512. Its current state of presentation is owed to a complete and well-maintained restoration executed some years ago under previous ownership.

This body style is very similar to styles 4512 and 4525, which would be employed to great effect on the new V-16 Cadillacs of the following year, and it was intended to be driven by a chauffeur, with an open front seat protected by a leather tendelet. The rear roofline sports blind quarters and a small rear window, keeping the passengers in isolation from the noise and stares of those admiring the automobile from outside. The passenger cabin is fitted with fawn broadcloth, rich wood veneers, gold-plated brass trim, and a pair of division-mounted occasional seats. In all other locations, the car’s solid brass trim is correctly executed in Fleetwood’s signature chromium plating.

Even better, this example has been refinished in a marvelous color scheme which closely replicates that found on Fleetwood’s memorable 1929 New York Auto Show car. However, whereas that one-off creation wore engine-turned bare aluminum detailing, our subject lot has had its relevant parts finished in metallic silver—a choice which still provides a very beautiful result. Red coachlining and detailing can be found throughout the car’s exterior, and this continues to its matching set of 12-spoke wheels and wide whitewall tires.

This formal and rarely seen Fleetwood V-8 Transformable Cabriolet would be a truly magnificent acquisition tailored to the discerning collector who wishes to enjoy the smooth, dignified, and powerful capabilities of the model—and at a quarter the price of a V-16 in similar condition and style.