Lot 305

1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible


$37,400 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
Canadian Registration
  • First year of a three-year production run for Ford’s fabled Edsel line
  • Spectacular Ember Red and Snow White two-tone color combination
  • One of only 1,876 Pacer Convertibles built for 1958
  • A rare offering from a fascinating chapter in automotive history

Ford Motor Company’s new Edsel marque was introduced on “E-Day,” 4 September 1957. Named after Henry Ford’s son and advertised as the “Newest thing on wheels,” the Edsel was a highly anticipated expansion of Ford’s Lincoln-Mercury line. Priced similarly to the Mercury models, Ford’s goal with the new brand was to help the company gain market share on competitors Chrysler and General Motors.

In its first model year, 1958, Edsel offered four models: the entry-level Ranger, the Pacer, the Citation, and the top-of-the-line Corsair. Each model was offered in various body styles, providing buyers a car for their every need. While Edsel did generate excitement, it was mostly surrounding the line’s styling—which was deemed by many to be too radical for the period. Ford’s Edsel experiment never translated to the impressive sales figures the automaker hoped for. Subtle changes were made for the 1959 model year and again the marque gained little traction with buyers. The completely restyled 1960 Edsels debuted on 15 October 1959, but by November Ford Motor Company had seen enough, pulling the plug on the marque after just 2,846 cars were produced for the 1960 model year.

This 1958 Edsel Pacer Convertible is finished in two-tone Ember Red and Snow White with a black convertible top. It features fender-mounted sideview mirrors and rides on wide whitewall tires mounted on steel wheels with factory wheel covers. The Edsel is powered by a 303-horsepower, 361-cubic-inch V-8 engine which is backed by an automatic transmission with unique Tele-Touch push-button steering wheel-mounted selector. It is equipped with power steering and brakes. The car’s two-tone color scheme extends to the interior, which is trimmed in red and white. It features a signal-seeking AM radio, and the innovative Edsel instrument panel with a clock and compass. A desirable first-year example, this Edsel Pacer Convertible is one of 1,876 produced for 1958.

Over the years, Edsels have gained appreciation in the collector car sphere. Carrying the hallowed name of Edsel Ford, these were bold products that will not soon be forgotten—and ones that are cherished by those who have experienced them. Period Ford advertising said it best: “They’ll know you’ve arrived when you drive up in an Edsel.”