Lot 303

1934 Ford DeLuxe Roadster


$61,600 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
US Registration
  • Highly desirable Roadster body style; legendary “Flathead” V-8 power
  • Appealing and finely detailed restored condition
  • Beige with red pinstripes and red painted wire wheels; tobacco brown interior
  • AACA National Senior First Prize and AACA President’s Cup winner
  • Equipped with factory rumble seat, rear-mounted spare tire

Ford replaced the Model A in 1932 with a new chassis powered by a groundbreaking 221-cubic inch V-8 engine and wrapped in handsome new styling. This new car expanded on the original Ford ethos of a car for every household—now also putting power and style in the hands of the average buyer.

With stiff competition from Chevrolet and others, Ford refreshed the design every year. For 1934, the upright radiator grille had been laid back, sculpted into a V-shape at the bottom and blended into the hood. The fenders swept gracefully into running boards and the cars came very well-equipped for their price point. Mechanically, the biggest news was the addition of a Stromberg carburetor to the top of the V8 which freed up an additional (and not insignificant) 10 horsepower, bringing the total to 85.

Ford offered a vast array of body styles to choose from: Closed two- and four-door sedans, coupes, a cabriolet, various commercial bodies, open four door models, a station wagon and not least, the highly desirable and collectible Roadster. The gorgeous, flowing design of the 1934 Ford Roadster became a true icon of the period, immensely popular with purists and hot-rodders alike. Because of its popularity with the rodding scene, few original Roadsters remain, particularly in such delightful condition as the automobile presented here.

This very fine 1934 Ford DeLuxe Roadster is a former AACA award-winner that still presents in outstanding order today. It is handsomely finished in a subtle beige color, complementary red wheels, and a tan cloth convertible top. It is well-equipped with a rumble seat, chrome grille and bumpers, dual horns and tail lamps, cowl lamps, and a rear-mounted spare—all typical equipment for the DeLuxe trim level. The 221-cubic-inch Flathead V8 is properly detailed with correct Ford Green engine paint, as well as properly finished ancillaries, fittings, and wiring. The undercarriage is clean and tidy, also reflective of the high-quality nature of this restoration, and in keeping with the care and maintenance it has been treated to since.

A 2012 AACA National Senior First Prize recipient, as well as capturing AACA President’s Cup the same year, this very rare and highly desirable DeLuxe Roadster remains in truly beautiful condition. A perfect choice for touring, shows, and weekend adventures, this important automobile is surely of one of the most elegant and attractive models from the glory days of the Ford Motor Company.