1914 Jeffery Six Model 96 Five-Passenger Touring

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RM | Auctions - HERSHEY 10 - 11 OCTOBER 2019 - The Merrick Auto Museum Collection

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  • Short-lived transitional make between Rambler and Nash
  • Impressive 48 hp six-cylinder engine
  • Excellent teens-era tour car


Please note that this car is titled by the identification no. 38518.

Thomas B. Jeffery is better remembered for his first automobile project, the Rambler, than for the one that bore his name. In fact, it was his son Charles who made the decision to change the family name to a brand in 1914. His father had died four years earlier, and it seemed appropriate to memorialize him with the new car. Strikingly modern, it featured a 40 hp monobloc four-cylinder engine and left-hand steering, and had a large, 48 hp six-cylinder companion. Intro-year production topped 10,000 cars.

The adventure was short-lived, however. In 1915 Charles set sail for France on the SS Lusitania. He survived the ship’s sinking, but the experience left its mark. He retired in 1916 to spend the rest of his life in “personal pursuits.” The Thomas B. Jeffery Company was sold to Charles Nash, whose name subsequently appeared on the cars.

The Merrick Auto Museum purchased this Jeffery Four in 2004 from the collection of Chet Krause, long-time publisher of Old Cars magazine. Previous owners include well-known antique car personalities John Tornquist, Dr. Art Burrichter, and the late George Grew of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

A high-quality restoration, the car is attractive in medium green with black fenders. The seats are black diamond-pattern buttoned leather. The lined convertible top is new, and there is a Rain Vision two-piece windshield. Head, side, and taillamps are electric, as is the horn, and there is a USL motor generator for starting and charging the battery. The massive 48 hp six-cylinder engine is immaculate in its compartment, and the sliding-gear transmission has four speeds forward plus reverse.

With plenty of room for passengers and plenty of power for hills, it is the ideal tour car for the whole family.

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