The Hershey Lodge
11 - 12 October 2018
Lot 216

1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A Seven-Passenger Touring


$82,500 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Chassis No.
Engine No.
  • One of just six Pierce-Arrow ‘Broadmoor’ touring cars
  • Highly original and never fully restored
  • Well known in the Pierce-Arrow community
  • Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) Full Classic
Please note that this lot is titled as a 1931.

In the Teens and “Roaring Twenties,” there were few more desirable American travel destinations than the Broadmoor Hotel. Built in the Italian Renaissance style in scenic Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Broadmoor played host to movie stars, heads of state, professional athletes, and wealthy businessmen. Those who came to the hotel expected the best of the best, and the hotel did not disappoint. Even when it came to transportation to the sights and scenes of the area, the hotel went top of the line all the way, including the car offered here, the 1931 Pierce-Arrow seven-passenger touring car.

These unique and highly desirable Pierce-Arrows were ordered new by the Broadmoor and used to chauffeur hotel guests around Colorado Springs. Of the 15 Pierce-Arrows ordered at the beginning on the 1930s for the transport of Broadmoor Hotel guests around Colorado Springs, nine were closed sedans and, like the one offered here, six of them were seven-passenger touring cars on the 144-inch-wheelbase chassis. They were all fitted with custom gears specified for climbing the legendary Pike’s Peak, one of the major attractions for guests of the Broadmoor.

This Pierce-Arrow bears the Broadmoor number “12” stamped into its left parking light bracket, confirming its provenance as one of the actual guest limousines of the hotel. After being retired from the hotel, the car found its way into the collection of a well-known Michigan collector. Now, the Pierce-Arrow, once the pride and joy of that collection, is being offered here by the collector’s estate. Though never fully restored, the car has been repainted at least twice and one of the repaints is believed to have been commissioned by the hotel itself. As befitting such a special and highly desirable automobile, the car has been maintained in excellent working order and appearance for the better part of the last 85 years. Both the paint and the chrome are excellent in appearance. The original leather is in astonishingly good condition, even the oft-worn out driver’s seat. The entire drivetrain is reported to run well and in the uncannily dependable and quiet manner one should always expect from a Pierce-Arrow.

Overall, this is simply a stunningly beautiful presentation of a highly special automobile, one that deserves pride of place in any collection of American classics. A recent veteran of the 800-plus mile Glidden Tour and frequent entrant at Pierce-Arrow Club events, the car is extremely well known to collectors and will make a fabulous and luxurious companion for any driving tour or show nationwide.