Hershey | Lot 387

1934 Covered Wagon Camping Trailer

The Calumet Collection



$35,200 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania

12 October 2018

Serial No.
  • Offered from the Calumet Collection
  • Produced in Mount Clemens, Michigan, by a pioneer in American house trailers
  • Wonderful original interior, complete with correct fixtures and accessories
  • “Blazing New Trails of Romance and Adventure”
  • The ideal partner to any Classic Era automobile

Prior to 1929, most house trailers were unique designs, custom-built for a specific client. That year, the Covered Wagon Trailer Company of Mount Clemens, Michigan, became the first American manufacturer to take orders for and mass-produce an “off-the-shelf” trailer, constructed of leatherette-covered Masonite over an inner birchwood frame. Their product inspired numerous “copycats” over the next decade, but was seldom equaled for its excellent quality and design.

The Calumet Collection’s Covered Wagon was regularly towed to Southern California events behind their 1931 Cadillac V-12 Victoria Coupe, also offered today. Information received when they acquired it indicates it was formerly owned by J. Douglas Trimper, who claimed that the second owner kept the trailer for 62 years and used it to take his family to the Kentucky Derby.

It has been externally restored, complete with an original-style fireproof roof covering and leatherette panels, but retains the original interior, including the 1934-vintage linoleum flooring and countertops, seat upholstery, and window curtains, as well as numerous period accessories and product boxes. Many of the original fixtures are still present, as well, including a Readykook cast iron camp stove, a lead-lined icebox, and a porcelain sink fitted with a hand pump. (There is no toilet or shower; the former was still largely accomplished in the woods, behind a convenient tree, while campers were expected to heat water over a fire and bathe outdoors.)

Offered with its interior appointments and a selection of original advertising, sales, and travel materials, this is one of the most charming vintage travel trailers offered in many years, with originality and patina that are difficult to beat!

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