Hershey Lodge
8 - 9 October 2015
Lot 219

1941 Cadillac Series 61 Coupe


$46,750 USD | Sold

United States | Hershey, Pennsylvania



Engine No.
Body No.
  • Offered from the Jim Miller Estate
  • An exceptional unrestored car; 12,976 actual miles
  • Formerly of the Needham, Emmke, and Cawley collections

150 bhp, 346 cu. in. L-head V-8 engine with a Stromberg carburetor, three-speed manual synchromesh transmission, independent coil-spring front suspension, Hotchkiss semi-floating rear axle, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 126 in.

Addendum: Please note that contrary to the printed catalogue, this car is a Series 61 Coupe, not a Series 62.

It has rightly been said that, in terms of aesthetics, Cadillac was in 1941 what Cord was in 1937, what Duesenberg was in 1929, and what LaSalle was in 1927. Overall, the entire 1941 Cadillac model lineup possessed a truly wonderful style and grace, which was coupled with the marque’s characteristically advanced engineering that was seldom seen in competing products.

Visually, the 1941 Cadillac was a masterpiece of subtle, flowing curves that began with a bold and distinctive grille design. The flat, chromed grille and domed hood were dominant, and two new styling concepts were available: the horizontal valance that enclosed the space between the bodywork and the bumpers and the front fender wind-split creases that began at the headlamps and extended horizontally back along each rear flank of the body. The sole available engine, Cadillac’s refined 346-cubic inch V-8, delivered remarkably silent and smooth operation, 150 horsepower, and plenty of torque. Ride and handling characteristics remain quite good, even by today’s standards, making Cadillacs of the immediate pre-war era excellent choices for collectors and enthusiasts who enjoy driving.


The coupe offered here, engine number 5344883, is documented by its build sheet, a copy of which is on file, as having been originally delivered to General Motors of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, with diversion to Toronto. It was then purchased by an original owner in Hamilton and remained well cared for in his ownership for decades until being bought by collector Lloyd Needham, of Chatham, Ontario. Aside from brief respites since in the prominent U.S. collections of Len Emmke and Charles Cawley—both known for owning the finest original examples of 1940s and 1950s American cars—it has remained in Ontario since, most recently as part of the late Jim Miller’s collection.

The car has been driven only 12,976 actual miles and is in mint original condition, including spectacular original Crystal Blue and Oceano Blue paint and an amazing unrestored blue cloth interior that shows nary a flaw, as does the interior wood trim. Under the hood appears original, with only light detailing, but is similarly clean and well preserved, with proper hoses and clamps. All the doors still shut properly, like a brand-new car, with great panel fit throughout.

An unrestored original Cadillac, this may well be the best unrestored 1941 Series 61 Coupe left in the world, and it would be a treasure for any collection.