Lot 3144

1939 BMW 327 Sport Cabriolet


$297,000 USD | Sold

United States | Marshall, Texas



Chassis No.
Engine No.
Body No.
250 172
US Title
  • Upgraded to 327/28 specification with the more powerful, highly desirable 328 engine
  • Equipped with a Volvo four-speed synchromesh transmission for enhanced touring capability
  • Finished in attractive dark blue and white two-tone scheme
  • One of BMW’s most celebrated pre-war automobiles
  • A wonderful car for tours and shows; completed the California Mille in 2019

Originally launched by BMW in 1937, the famous 327’s first iteration was the sleek and sensual cabriolet. Though the body was supplied by coachbuilder Autenrieth in Darmstadt, the entirety of the 327 was put together at the Eisenach factory. The ashwood frame was combined with the straight-six engine previously seen on the preceding 326—though this new model produced an additional 5 horsepower and reached top speeds of 125 km/h.

While the 327’s performance was strong, BMW would improve it further by offering M328 engine from the 328 sports car as an option, thus creating the so-called 327/28. Relatively few were produced by the factory, but fitting 327s with the M328 engine is a desirable upgrade that is well-respected by enthusiasts of these wonderful cars.

In the year 2000, the BMW on offer was shipped from the United States to New Zealand after finding a new owner, and in 2007 a restoration commenced. During the project, the cabriolet received the more powerful M328 engine, along with a brand-new interior and refurbished exterior. In 2012, the BMW returned to the United States, and a fully synchronized Volvo four-speed transmission was installed; a relatively common upgrade to these cars, it makes the vehicle even more suitable for vintage rally events. After being acquired by Gene Ponder in 2019, and the BMW received the delightful blue and white two-tone paint job it wears today, which greatly accentuates its curvaceous styling.

One of BMW’s greatest pre-war cars, this finely finished 327 benefits from thoughtful improvements, including conversion to 327/28 specification and fitment of a Volvo gearbox. Having completed the California Mille in 2019, it would make for a wonderful car for further tours and shows alike thanks to its classic lines and mighty engine.