Fort Lauderdale | Lot 208

1977 Porsche 911S

$24,200 USD | Sold

United States | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

31 March 2017

  • 2.7-litre flat six-cylinder engine
  • Five-speed manual transmission
  • Sienna Metallic paint
  • One of 3,388
  • Air conditioning and Sunroof

The Porsche 911 was the built to replace its predecessor, the 356. It debuted at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show as a non-operational mockup. It was originally designated as the “Porsche 901” – of which 82 examples were eventually built. However, Peugeot protested on the grounds that in France it had exclusive rights to car names by three numbers with a zero in the middle. So, instead of selling the new model with another name in France, Porsche changed the name to 911. Internally, the cars’ part numbers carried on the prefix of 901 for years. Production began in September 1964 with the first 911’s reaching American shores in February 1965 with a base price of approximately $6,500.

The exterior of the 911 is finished in a special color of Sienna Metallic. The outside of the car has factory wheels and is equipped with the desirable sunroof. Powering this German masterpiece is a 2.7-liter flat six-cylinder engine that is married to a five-speed manual transmission. The interior is finished in tan; and the front seats are covered with two-tone upholstery. The Porsche is fitted with complete instrumentation, newer stereo unit and air conditioning.

In 1977, there was only 3,388 Porsche 911S Coupes produced. This Porsche represents the brand very well and is equipped with a desirable engine, a sunroof and was built in limited production.

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