Lot 125

Fort Lauderdale 2016

1960 DeSoto Fireflite


$7,150 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Fort Lauderdale, Florida



  • 383-cid V-8 engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Restored
  • Power steering and brakes
  • Bendix brakes
  • Stainless steel exhaust system
  • Working electronic clock
  • Whitewall tires
  • Original manuals

The Jet Age inspired the design of this beautiful and flashy DeSoto, with its long tapering tailfins, bright colors and chrome. A teal-over-white 1960 Fireflite with giant fins is pretty hard to ignore, regardless of the competition. Having an automatic transmission allows you drive effortlessly while enjoying the plush bench seats.

This four-door hardtop is powered by a completely rebuilt 383-cid, V-8 engine, which reportedly has just 150 miles on it since completion. Some of the equipment on the DeSoto includes new air conditioning, alternator, radiator, Bendix brakes, seals, and steering unit — all of which were installed by trusted professionals. The working electronic clock, whitewall tires, and stainless steel exhaust system finish the vehicle nicely. The car comes complete with original manuals.