Fort Lauderdale | Lot 210

1966 Ford Mustang



$35,200 USD | Sold

United States | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

27 March 2015

Identification No.

Just mention Mustang and you’re likely to set off lively conversation. It was all about fun, excitement, going places and doing things. The proof was seen in the fact that Ford sold over 418,000 that found the road in the Mustang’s first year of sales – then an all-time record. They found extensive popularity by being a personal luxury car, family car, performance car, or anything in-between.

So enthusiastic was the American public for the new-for-1965 Mustang that Ford Motor Co. was able to sell one million of them by the middle of the 1966 model year. Knowing not to change a winning recipe, the '66 had only minor changes. The grille featured a new "horse and corral" design that was deeper and lost the first-year model's horizontal bars. Other new trim elements included extra chrome on the faux side vents and a solid metal gas cap. Of the 607,568 Mustangs built in 1966, 72,119 were convertibles. From this sum; it is reported that approximately 1,460 were presented in Emberglo with Parchment, a color exclusive to 1966.

This Emberglo convertible has a two-tone Parchment and Emberglo “Pony” interior with bucket seats and a full-length console, plus it is powered by the 289-cid V-8 engine with a two-barrel carb and is joined with a C-4 automatic transmission and limited-slip differential with 2.80:1 gearing, in which the drivetrain is said to be correct to the car. The Mustang is a three-owner car that was originally sold to Capitol Ford, Inc. at 2520 Central Avenue in Denver, Colorado. It left for Albuquerque, New Mexico at six months of age and ended up being totally restored by the president of the Albuquerque Mustang Club in 1999. The Mustang carried an MSRP of $4,014.52 in 1966; it is reported by the owner as rare for a Mustang to exceed the magic $4,000 barrier in period as a reference for the many extras this Pony offers.

Highly optioned; this Mustang features a power-operated parchment vinyl soft-top, top boot in body color, Rally Pac instrumentation, special handling package, visibility group, tinted glass, deluxe steering wheel, interior décor group, air conditioning, styled steel wheels, whitewall tires, dual rearview side mirrors, AM radio, power steering and power brakes. The trunk area is also presented in a very neat fashion and displays the proper plaid vinyl lining and spare with cover.

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