Fort Lauderdale | Lot 125

1928 Ford Model A



$20,625 USD | Sold

United States | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

27 March 2015

Addendum: Please note this vehicle is being sold title in transit

The new Model A was long, wide and roomy. Narrow pillars and new door construction allow additional vision and sight of view. Both front seats fold forward to allow easy access to the rear seat, plus there is ample space between the seats for both legroom and girth.

By reverting to the Model A designation for the new Ford, after the long run of the Model T; it symbolized the impact this automobile had upon the Ford Motor Company. A far more complex automobile than the Model T, the Model A contained approximately 6,800 individual parts compared to the less than 5,000 of the “T.” Despite this, there were similarities, mainly by still having an inline, flathead four-cylinder engine, but overall the Model A was to leave the heritage of Henry’s beloved Model T in the rearview mirror on its way to modernization.

This gray and black example has experienced a complete concours-quality, nuts-and-bolts restoration that was executed in a frame-off manner. It runs with the venerable 200.5-cid, 40-hp inline four-cylinder engine that is paired to a three-speed manual transmission. Additional features include straw-colored pinstripes, rear-mounted spare, windshield visor, wire wheels and a finely turned out interior. The Tudor Model A has AACA National Junior and Senior participation.

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