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27 - 29 March 2015
Lot 385

1999 Cadillac Eldorado Mosler


$75,000 - $125,000 USD | Not Sold

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Warren Mosler is an American economist and theorist, and is also known as the co-founder of the Center for Full Employment and Price Stability at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He is also president and founder of Mosler Automotive.

Mosler developed his own automobile line, Mosler Automotive, and designed several luxury sports cars and supercars that were briefly marketed starting in 1985. His designs were marked by excellent performance and high speeds.

The Mosler TwinStar was an automobile developed by Mosler Automotive in 2000. The vehicle was essentially a Cadillac Eldorado that had been modified to fit two Northstar V-8 engines. One engine remained in the factory location underneath the hood and another was located in what was formerly the vehicle's trunk. It is positioned in a custom-fabricated subframe with suspension pickup points. Each engine was capable of making 300 horsepower and was connected to the nearest axle, creating an all-wheel drive layout. Despite its wheelbase, overall size and weight, the car is reported to be surprisingly well-balanced and agile; both on straight road sections and through the corners.

This particular car is reported to be one of approximately five which were built. This is a staggeringly low number, which instills immediate desirability. This is furthered by the Cadillac TwinStar being formerly owned by the late Clarence Clemons, of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Referred to as “The Big Man,” the six-foot, five-inch Clemons was, for nearly 40 years, a prominent member of this iconic band as a saxophonist. Three years following his untimely passing, he and the rest of the E Street Band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It is said that comedian and car collector extraordinaire Jay Leno also has one of the TwinStars in his vast collection.

The TwinStar Eldorado is presented in a reported “good condition” and has a black finish with black interior, and it will accommodate five passengers in its two-door cabin setting. Twin four-speed automatics propel this all-wheel drive vehicle that is stated to have approximately 600 horsepower. Leather interior, air conditioning, radio with CD, tilt steering wheel; power seats, door locks, steering, brakes and windows are also included in this highly uncommon Cadillac Eldorado custom. The Mosler TwinStar is reported to have been featured in Car & Driver magazine during the time-frame it was introduced.