1965 Citroën 2CV Sahara

Sold For $106,400

Inclusive of applicable buyer's fee.

RM | Sotheby's - THE ELKHART COLLECTION 23 - 24 OCTOBER 2020 - Offered on Saturday

Chassis No.
Engine No.
G2836 & G2862
  • Rare twin-engined 4×4 Sahara model
  • Very rare in the United States
  • Well-maintained restoration; nicely presented
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One of numerous innovative versions of Citroën’s famous and long-lived 2CV, the Sahara was built to traverse the rugged North African terrain. Its design was simple yet intriguing. There were two engines, one in front and one in back, each driving its corresponding wheels, with a transmission set up so that the car could be driven by either engine or both, depending upon the road conditions.

The car’s 1,600-pound weight was nearly perfectly divided between front and rear, giving it excellent off-road capabilities. It was especially ideal, as the name suggested, for use by the French oil prospectors working in the Sahara Desert. These were utility vehicles, and the majority were run into the ground by their owners. Thus, the Sahara has become quite rare today, especially in the United States.

This 2CV reportedly resided in a prominent collection in Mexico. An excellent older restoration, it is finished in Desert Sand and, in typical Sahara fashion, features a hood-mounted spare tire. The interior was redone in the current ownership in a black vinyl material on the original “lounge chair” seat frames. The body and floors are overall solid, always a concern on this model, with only slight oxidation visible to the undercarriage from regular use. Typical of the cars in this collection, the engine compartments are both very clean and tidy.

This is a very charming automobile and, as one of the few production dual-engined cars, always a surefire conversation piece and favorite oddity in any collection. With the “sunshine roof” opened up, it would be a delight to drive under the sun or stars, be it in the Sahara or elsewhere.

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