Lot 2210

1966 Volkswagen Deluxe '21-Window' Microbus


$140,000 USD | Sold

United States | Elkhart, Indiana



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  • Desirable and iconic ‘21-window’ model
  • High-quality restoration, well maintained
  • Attractive Cumulus White–and–Sea Blue livery

Volkswagen’s Beetle-based Transporter first arrived on the American continent in 1950. Competition was nonexistent, as there was nothing else like it on the market. Utilizing standard VW components as its basis, it was at once familiar and easy to maintain, as parts were already readily available. It quickly became popular and evolved into multiple variations, including the more comfortable Microbus model, which itself was offered in multiple configurations, including with Deluxe trim and various window and roof options. The rarest and arguably most collectable of these is the ‘21-window’ model.

The example offered here is identified by its “M-Plate” tag as a Deluxe Microbus delivered to US specifications, with sealed-beam headlights and six pop-out side windows, as well as a walk-through split front seat. Beautifully restored throughout, it presents well in year-correct Cumulus White and Sea Blue, with grey vinyl and mesh upholstery, and typical of the automobiles in this collection, it has been well maintained both cosmetically and mechanically. At the time of cataloguing, it had recorded 33,808 miles.

The Microbus has become one of those automobiles that no collection is complete without—so good-natured is it in its appearance and charm that everyone who sees it automatically falls in love with it and wants to ride in it. This much-sought-after ‘21-window’ model, in gorgeous colors, would be a delightful and joy-bringing acquisition for the new owner—whether on their way to Cars & Coffee or Woodstock.