Lot 1240

The Elkhart Collection

1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Shooting Brake


$285,500 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Elkhart, Indiana



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  • Formerly owned by W. F. Player and Lord Doune, Earl of Moray
  • Early, era-correct, and beautifully built shooting-brake coachwork
  • Documented by the Rolls-Royce Foundation
  • Equipped with its original engine

This elegant Phantom II was originally delivered to S. C. Harrison of Birmingham, England, with a Weymann fabric saloon body. Shortly thereafter it passed to cigarette magnate W. F. Player of Nottingham. At some point in the 1930s, it was reborn in the present style, a luxurious station wagon or “shooting brake,” with beautifully constructed wooden bodywork. The coachbuilder responsible for the conversion has sadly had their name lost to history, though the work was certainly performed to a professional standard and the proportions are excellent.

In 1962 the Rolls-Royce passed into the renowned collection of Lord Doune, the Earl of Moray. A descendant of King James V of Scotland, he was an avid automobile enthusiast whose museum this car shared with the Le Mans Alfa Romeo 2.9 aerodynamic coupe, Count Zborowski’s Hispano-Suiza, and other highly significant machines. Twenty years later it was sold from the Doune Motor Museum to Charles Bickley, owner of Florida’s Woodie World museum, who had it restored in the present dark green finish and exhibited it for some years.

Today the shooting brake presents very nicely, with the woodwork still in beautiful condition and many fine details, including the brilliantly crafted wooden headliner and original instrument panel, still present. Bespoke period accessories include a tinted windscreen visor, a passenger-side Raydyot spotlight, a single side-mounted spare tire, laced wheels, original Lucas headlamps, a single Trippe driving lamp, and front wing-marker lamps. Former owners exhibited the car in Rolls-Royce Owners Club and CCCA events, and it would certainly be welcome to future gatherings.

Few Phantom IIs have this car’s abundant charm; it fairly calls to be piled with family, golden retriever in tow, and driven into the woods on a Saturday afternoon.