Lot 2213

1927 Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix Replica by Pur Sang


$249,200 USD | Sold

United States | Elkhart, Indiana



Chassis No.
475 PS
  • Acquired new by the Elkhart Collection
  • Excellent original condition throughout, with limited signs of use
  • Fitted with the most desirable upgrades, including plain-bearing crankshaft
  • Equipped with full road equipment

Pur Sang of Argentina builds truly extraordinary copies of vintage Bugattis and Alfa Romeos, faithfully copying every detail of these cars with exacting handcraftsmanship and engineering equal to the originals. Each is carefully factory built, with all components produced in Pur Sang’s own facility, and is designed as not merely a replica but a literal “new” car that is true to the original in every important sense. The firm is most famous for their Bugatti Type 35, which is visually near-identical to, and has the same performance, exhaust note, and thrilling driving characteristics as, the original Molsheim-built cars.

The Type 35 offered was acquired new directly by the Elkhart Collection and was finished to their specification in French Blue. It has the most desirable upgrades, including a plain-bearing crankshaft, chosen for easier maintenance and greater reliability; an improved firing order that allows the car to run more smoothly, reducing long-term wear; and an electric radiator fan on a thermostat that comes on automatically, as well as an electric fuel pump and modern alternator concealed behind the seat. A dry multi-plate clutch allows for true modern durability without the additional hassle of the oil-bath clutches of old.

In addition, the Grand Prix was specified with full road equipment, including cycle fenders, Marchal headlights, Scintilla taillights, and tiny, very cleverly concealed turn signals, ideal for actual use on modern roads—something that is undoubtedly every bit as thrilling as the track, perhaps even more so!

The Pur Sang Bugatti, simply put, offers the best of all possible worlds—the exact experience of using a great vintage Bugatti, but with improved durability and ease of maintenance. It is the ideal example for those who seek to take his or her car out and actually use it as its designers intended, on road or circuit.