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1993 Ferrari 512 TR


$275,000 USD | Sold

United Arab Emirates Flag | Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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  • One of just 2,261 examples of the 512 TR produced
  • Powered by a 4.9-litre flat-12 engine
  • Delivered new to Japan; accompanied by Ferrari folio and tool kit
  • Odometer reads just 13,428 kilometres

Maranello’s marketing power at the close of the 1980s was enviable, to say the least. With everyone from teenagers gazing at bedroom walls, to the city or Wall Street traders laying down deposits, popular culture’s yearning for a slice of the famous Prancing Horse brand had arguably reached its zenith. Whether it was the Group B might-have-been 288 GTO, the genesis of the modern supercar F40, or the sensational slatted Testarossa, few things on earth with four wheels were deemed as demonstrably desirable as a Ferrari in the 1980s.

With the exotic end of the motoring world seemingly in the palm of its hand, Maranello entered the 1990s on a high, only to be met with the worst prevailing economic conditions for a generation. The replacement for the aforementioned Testarossa, the 512 TR, was launched right in the midst of this financial maelstrom at the end of 1991. Sales of all exotic cars worldwide had dramatically reduced, with Ferrari no longer able to rely on past glories to guarantee sales—an argument reinforced by the appointment, in 1993, of public relations wizard and CEO Luca Di Montezemolo.

The 512 improved on its predecessor in almost every quantifiable way. Engine power was up 38 brake horsepower, with the 512’s powerplant and transmission now sitting lower than the Testarossa’s, greatly improving its centre of gravity and reducing its roll axis. Curves were created in its styling to both improve aerodynamics, modernise the aesthetic and bring the big V-12 grand tourer’s silhouette more into line with its smaller V-8 siblings.

Supplied new to Japan, this 1993-built 512 TR is from a production run of just 2,261 examples made between 1991 and 1994. The Ferrari shows just 13,428 kilometres on its odometer at the time of cataloguing. Offered with a Ferrari folio including the original warranty card—plus the supplying dealer (Cornes & Co. Yokohama) welcome pack—this fine 512 TR even comes with its own tailored cover, within a branded soft storage bag. A rare opportunity to acquire a cherished V-12 Ferrari that carries one of the most evocative monikers in Maranello history, “Testarossa”.